Interconnection guides

Interconnection Agreement Reference Offer

This is Telecom's current reference offer for Interconnection. Potential carriers are invited to enter into negotiations with Telecom using this document as a starting point. Telecom reserves the right to amend this template from time to time.

Interconnection agreement template July 2013 (PDF 640KB).

Interconnection Guides

Compendium of guidelines for interconnection operations that are an adjunct to carrier agreements.

Document: Standard Procedures for Call Re-Address ( PDF 142KB)
Date: 16 July 2001
Description: Procedures to be followed for the supply of Call Re-address services between carriers.
Document: Call Re-address Service Specification (PDF 122KB)
Date: 2 December 1997
Description: A statement of the parameters of Call Re-address service provided by Telecom to effect inter-network portability of telephone numbers.
Document: Standard Procedures for Non-Code Access (PDF 211KB)
Date: 17 September 2007
Description: An explanation of the standard processes for the provision of non-code access services to interconnect carriers.
Document: Functional Specification For Non-Code Access Data Interface (PDF 119KB)
Last Updated: 8 September 1998
Description: Statement of the standard data formats used for the request and response files delivered between interconnect carriers and Telecom for the provision of non-code access services.

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