Starship Mobile Phone Appeal

Helping to save children's lives by recycling old mobile phones.

Turning old mobiles into cash for Starship

Since the Starship Mobile Phone Appeal was launched in 2009, Telecom has contributed to more than $900,000 raised for Starship, the National Children's Hospital.

In the appeal's first year alone, more than 50,000 pre-loved mobile phones were donated though Telecom stores and offices.

"Taking care of the environment has never looked so good for many of the 150,000 children from around the country who are cared for by Starship each year"
- Brad Clark, CEO, Starship Foundation

All mobile phones, regardless of make, model or condition can be recycled. Phones in working order are refurbished, while those beyond repair are recycled through the correct environmental channels.

The money raised helps pay for priority needs at Starship - supporting the Starship Air Ambulance Service and funding vital paediatric research.

Named Supreme Award winner at the 2010 Prime Ministers Social Heroes Awards for corporate-community partnerships, the programme turns old mobiles into much needed cash for Starship to help treat critically ill children.

The appeal has no end date, so as long as we all continue to recycle our disused mobiles, we can continue to support Starship.

Simply call into any Telecom store nationwide and drop your old mobile phone into one of our recycling bins, or post* it free-of-charge to

Freepost 223107
Starship Mobile Phone Recycling Appeal
Private Bag 208007
Manukau 2161

Got a box of phones? Simply stick an A4 or A5 size label on the top and take it to your local PostShop to send it free of charge.

To comply with NZ Post guidelines, please remove the battery from each phone and wrap it separately in paper or plastic before putting the phone and battery in the package. Remember to remove and keep your SIM card though!

To learn more about the Starship Foundation visit:

Environmental Commitments

Telecom was the first telco company in New Zealand to offer a mobile recycling programme, having been doing so since 2001. For more information on our environmental commitments click here.