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    0900 Calling


    How do 0900 Numbers work?

    You can provide information or a service over the phone in return for payment using an 0900 number. Customers phone your 0900 number to access live or pre-recorded information.

    0900 numbers are ideal for special promotions, competitions and collecting donations.

    Use pre-recorded information to handle general enquiries easily and free up operators. Customers can access the information they want 24-hours a day.

    There's no extra billing or invoicing for your business to process - we bill callers on your behalf at the rate you've set.


    How it works

    Customers use a touchtone phone to dial your 0900 number and select the information the want, such as road conditions and weather or surf reports.

    0900 numbers connect to a standard business line. You might want to consider an additional line if you expect a large number of calls.

    Your 0900 bill details all calls listed by date, time and area. It also gives the duration and cost of each call. Any bad debt calls are listed with reasons and statistics including, name, number address and call details.

    We have a range of useful 0900 features available to help you make the most of your 0900 number.


    Things you should know

    0900 calls can be made 24 hours a day from any phone in New Zealand, except payphones, lines with toll bars or with Calling Cards.

    There are strict rules and legalities about the types of activities, services and products you can use your 0900 number to promote. It is important to read our 0900 Connection Contract and 0900 Policy.


    How much does it cost?

    You decide the price of the call to a maximum cost of $88.88 per call, regardless of duration.

    Our charges include (applicable from 1 December 2002):

    Application fee (non-refundable) - $200.00
    Registration fee - $55.00
    Rental - $30.00 a month
    Network charges - $0.50 a minute
    Changes, additions, to an 0900 number, or change in price - $35.00

    All prices exclude GST.


    Need more information?

    We've put together answers to some commonly asked questions about 0900 Calling. You can ask us your question anytime of the day or night. If we can't answer it online, then just send us an e-mail.


    How to get it

    To order an 0900 number, please select from below the appropriate order form:

    Please note that you will firstly be asked to accept our Terms and Conditions for the 0900 service.

    If you need help filling out our order form check our 0900 order form help page.