Experience Rhythm and Vines
With Spark and Spotify


Spark and Spotify are bringing My Festival Story to Rhythm & Vines and Rhythm & Alps 2014, NZ's premier New Year's Eve festivals. Connect, collect and share your unique festival experiences and playlists like never before.

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We're Spark

New Zealand is a nation of starters.
It's in our spirit to give it a nudge and get
it started. That's why we're determined to
make sure it never stops.

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Taking basketball
back to the streets

Rucker Park, The Cage, The Hole - they’re names that are synonymous with pick-up ball. It was born on the streets of the US. Now, we’re bringing pick-up ball to the streets of Auckland. Game on.

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Spark Lab is our starting place, a ‘doing’ space, a launch pad for new things, a space dedicated to ideas, products, experiences, art. It’s our space to unleash the potential of New Zealanders. To get hands on, explore, innovate and learn, with an open door for open minds.

So come in and start something.

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Top-rated TV shows. Online and anytime.

Get Lightbox on us for 12 months. For a limited time only a Lightbox subscription is being bundled into all Spark Broadband plans.

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Watch Better Call Saul from early Feb on Lightbox.

Better Call Saul © 2014 Sony Pictures Television. All Rights Reserved.

Start using our free
wifi. Not your data.

Start feasting on 1 GB of FREE data every day.
Start surfing like there's no tomorrow. Start
making your data go further.

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It all starts with
a thanks from us.

All our customers get rewarded with big discounts at the movies, pre-sale gig tickets and more – just for being a Spark customer*.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Do you want to Unleash
Your Potential?

Spark My Potential is a crowdfunding programme for
New Zealanders to realise their dreams faster.

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Tech in a sec

Smart stuff, made simple.

Up for learning some new tricks?
Watch our Tech-in-a-sec videos and you'll
soon be handing smart devices like a pro.
From the basics to the coolest new kit,
we've got you covered.
So pick a topic, jump in and have a go!

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Waiting is over

super speed online

Super-fast speeds and better online experiences.
No more long waits for films, files or music to download and upload.

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Ultra mobile

Spotify Premium. Free 4g. Free WiFi

Loads of data, minutes and TXTs. Access to over 20 million songs with Spotify premium. A gig of free WiFi data everyday. And a free upgrade to our blazing-fast 4G network.

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There’s a lot to like about the anatomy of the Galaxy S5. For starters it’s water and dust resistant, so you can take it pretty much anywhere. Spotify Premium is preloaded for all your tunes. And the Download Booster combines WiFi and 4G to get stuff done faster.

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Mat Brady and Tessa Monash
Team Tequila Mockingbird

Top NZ digital artists go head to head, live on stage and on the big screen. Plus George FM DJs, interactive digital art and a cash bar.