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What's on TV tonight? You choose. From drama to documentaries, Breaking Bad to Outlander and hours of fun for the kids - grab a voucher and lose yourself in some of the world's best TV - yours for the life of your Broadband or Pay Monthly Mobile Plan.

Watch it your way

Whatever you want

From crime drama to comedy and everything in between, whatever you're into, you'll find it in spades on Lightbox. There's even heaps to keep little people happy.

Wherever you want

In bed? In the bath? On the bus? Lightbox is available on your compatible Smart TV, PS3™, PS4™, laptop, tablet, Apple TV, Chromecast and mobile. So wherever you are, your favourite shows are ready for watching.

Whenever you want

We don't do pay-per-view. Your favourite shows are ready to go when you are. An episode a night? Go for it. Half an episode here and there? Easy. A whole season in a weekend? No worries.

What can I watch?

What can I watch?

What can I watch?

Awesome, award-winning shows like Mr. Robot and Outlander. We have whole seasons ready to go and this is just a taster. There's heaps more to see over at

Awesome, award-winning shows like Mr. Robot and Outlander. We have whole seasons ready to go and this is just a taster. There's heaps more to see over at

Awesome, award-winning shows like Mr. Robot and Outlander. We have whole seasons ready to go and this is just a taster. There's heaps more to see over at

Luther © BBC 2010, The Honourable Woman © 2014 Drama Republic, Call The Midwife © Neal Street Production for BBC 2011, Horrible Histories © 2010 Lion Television Ltd

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How does it work

Watch online

Sign in to and pick your show, then watch it. It really is that simple. Watch as much as you like - you can even watch two shows at the same time.

Watch it on the big screen

Get Lightbox on your flat screen for the whole family to enjoy. Watch Lightbox on a compatible Smart TV, a PS3™ and PS4™, via an HDMI cable from your laptop, or 'cast from your Android and Apple device.

Watch it on your tablet or mobile

Want to binge watch in bed or out by the pool? Grab your compatible mobile or tablet and as long as you've got a WiFi signal you can watch from anywhere.

How much broadband data will I use watching Lightbox?

On Broadband we estimate that 60 minute of Lightbox video streaming uses around 1.5GB (on standard definition) and 3GB on High Definition (HD).

Using your mobile data we estimate that 60 minutes of Lightbox video streaming uses around 300MB – 1GB depending on the quality of your connection. If you're watching on your mobile device, we'd recommend that you switch to a WiFi connection first, rather than using your mobile data.

Our Unlimited Broadband plans are a great way of getting the peace of mind so that you don't have to worry about Lightbox using up your data cap.

What are the minimum broadband speed requirements for watching Lightbox?

Lightbox requires a minimum internet bandwidth of 2Mbps in order to access quality viewing of the content.

Slow or low quality video

Lightbox requires a minimum internet bandwidth of 2Mbps to get a consistent stream. For an optimal HD / large screen experience, around 10Mbps bandwidth is required. Steps can be taken to improve broadband speeds by updating your home wiring and installing splitters and this is done as a matter of course with the installation of VDSL and Ultra Fibre. Also remember that if other users are on the internet consuming bandwidth in the home at the same time, the bandwidth available for Lightbox could be reduced.

To support the online streaming of shows in high definition customers on:

  • ADSL will need to have broadband speeds of at least 5Mbps down (we suggest you check your broadband speed to be sure)
  • Ultra VDSL's increased speeds of from 15Mbps* downstream ensure even smoother streaming
  • Ultra Fibre's speeds of more than 30Mbps* downstream which is up to 7x faster than ADSL even when using multiple devices in the home would ensure the best streaming
  • * Indicative speeds. Individual customers may not experience these speeds due to a variety of factors such as distance to exchange or cabinet, house wiring, computer speed, number of connected devices, ages of connected devices, etc.

What devices can I watch Lightbox on?

Lightbox is an online video on demand service available on most Windows and Mac computers, iPads/iPhones and selected Android tablets/phones. To view on an iPad/iPhone you will need to download the Lightbox app from the iTunes app store. To view on your Android tablet/phone you will need to download the Lighbox app from the Google Play store.

Lightbox is also available on selected 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Samsung Smart TVs. PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4.

Can I watch live TV on Lightbox?

Lightbox is an online video on demand service, which currently does not support live television.


More detail on Lightbox help and support can be found here.

  1. Lightbox included on all Spark Residential Broadband plans and Spark Consumer Mobile plans, whilst the Broadband or Mobile plan is made available to you, and while Spark controls and operates the Lightbox service.
  2. A customer that has a Spark Business account in conjunction with a Spark Residential Broadband plan and/or a Spark Consumer Mobile plan is eligible.
  3. Standard Lightbox charge is $12.99 per 30 day billing period.
  4. Standard Lightbox charges apply if eligible Spark broadband or mobile plan is disconnected.
  5. To access Lightbox on us, new and existing Spark customers with an active broadband or mobile connection will need to request a unique Lightbox voucher code at
  6. Only one voucher code will be available per Spark Broadband or mobile account, it is for the account-holder's use only and can only be redeemed once.
  7. You will need to sign up for Lightbox at website in order to access Lightbox.
  8. Codes can only be redeemed online.
  9. When you subscribe to Lightbox, you will need to accept Lightbox's terms and conditions.
  10. The Lightbox service provided under this offer may vary over time, we will always notify you of any change to your service in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.
  11. Spark cannot guarantee that Lightbox will be compatible with all devices and you are advised to check your device's compatibility with Lightbox if you are unsure.
  12. Any data usage incurred from watching Lightbox content online will count towards your monthly Spark Broadband or mobile data allowance.
  13. Any customer queries relating to the Lightbox experience should be directed to Lightbox.
  14. Any queries relating to your broadband or mobile data performance should be made to Spark.
  15. Spark standard terms and conditions apply.

Download the app

To hook up Lightbox on your mobile, iPad or on selected Android tablets, just download our app from the App store or Google Play and start watching.

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