Service Express - 0800 000 000

Access to:

  • Your account information including balances and unbilled calls
  • Your mobile included minutes balance
  • Tutorials on smartphone services such as Call Minder and Call Waiting
  • A wide range of other information about Spark products and services


A PIN or not?
The first time you use Service Express you'll be given the choice of whether you want a PIN or not when calling from home. If you choose to opt-out of having a PIN, anyone calling from your home phone can access your account information, however, calls from any phone not on your account still require PIN verification.

Go direct with Quick Codes
We've introduced Quick Codes so you can find the specific information you're after, even faster. And if you'd prefer to be guided through, the voice prompts remain. Using Quick Codes to go directly to the information couldn't be simpler. For example, to get your outstanding account balance, dial 0800 000 000, then key in 7602. It's that easy.

Quick Code Reference


Billing Code
Outstanding balance 7605
Unbilled calls 7606
Last payment date/amount 7609
Date of last/next bill 7610
Set up a Direct Debit 7603
Credit Card payment 7631
Request a copy of your bill 7625
Request an automatic payment form 7630
Double charging on account 7627
Unknown numbers on account 7628
Bill Online Information 7629
Get your account number 7626
National/International Code
National call plans 7616
World clock 7614
Country/area code 7615
Peak/Offpeak calling hours 7618
International calling specials 7617
Mobile Code
Included Minutes Balance 7601
Unbilled calls 7608
Outstanding balance 7607
Mobile Phone Menu 7623
Smartphone Services Code
Busy line check 7624
Call Minder 7619
Call Waiting 7620
Call Diversion 7621
Caller Display 7622
Other useful keys Code
Repeat the information 8
Return to main menu 7
Go back a step -
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