After completing each step, test your Internet connection before continuing to the next step.

  1. Restart your broadband modem.

    Why? This will often re-establish your Internet connection.
    • Unplug the modem power cable from the power point
    • Ensure lights have all turned off
    • Reconnect the modem power cable to the power point
    • Wait 5 minutes then check which modem lights have come on and are solid green.
      If the Broadband light is on, you have a broadband signal
  2. Ensure all of the telephone jackpoints in your home that are in use by any device have a broadband filter (if you have a dedicated broadband jackpoint, filters are not required).

    Why? Your broadband connection uses the same copper line as your telephone and in order for this to work correctly you need to filter the two signals apart.
    How? Locate each jackpoint in your premise and check for the broadband filter. These should be plugged directly in to the jackpoint and the connecting device plugged in to it. Pay special attention to the devices that connect to your phone line that you might not be aware of, for example your Sky Decoder will often be plugged in to the phone line.
  3. Check that you do not have more than 5 devices plugged in to your telephone jackpoints.

    The combined effect of all these devices will also degrade your Internet connection unless you have a dedicated broadband jackpoint.
    How? Count all jackpoints in use on the phone line with your broadband connection. Remember Garages, Sleep-outs, Sky etc and if more than 5 are in use try removing some of the devices from their jackpoint.
  4. Check that your broadband modem is connected directly in to a telephone jackpoint using only the supplied cable and filter.

    telephone extension cord or multi-adapter should not be used to connect a modem to a jackpoint because it often causes customers to lose their Internet connection by reducing the quality of the connection.
    How? If you find an extension cord or multi-adapter is in use, remove it. If your modem and computer are now too far from the jackpoint, move them closer.
    Tip: If your computer needs to be moved back, consider using wireless or a long Ethernet cable. These can be up to 100m long without compromising the connection quality.
  5. Remove all of your phone devices and filters

    This helps to rule out any other possible interference.
    • Unplug all of the devices you have connected to your phone line and just leave the modem plugged in.
    • Restart the modem again and wait a few minutes.
    Tip: If this works then you can replace each device individually until you find the one that is causing your Internet connection to fail.
  6. Try your modem at an alternative jackpoint

    Your modem could be connected to a faulty jackpoint.
    How? Try your modem at an alternative jackpoint and repeat step 5.
    Note: You are unable to test another jackpoint if you have a dedicated broadband jackpoint installed.
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