Along your Fibre journey, you’ll hear all kinds of technical words thrown around. Here’s what they mean.

ABC process Chorus terminology. Stands for: Agree, Build, Connect.  
CPE Customer Premises Equipment. Generally refers to any device in the home used to access a service providers services and distribute them around their home. Devices such as telephones, routers, switches, PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphone are all considered part of CPE.  

External Termination Point. The point where the service line or “drop” from the boundary connects to the premise.

Fibre ETP attached to outside wall (photo courtesy of,

Fibre Landline A landline (i.e. homeline) where the call is delivered to and from the premises through Fibre cables as opposed to copper wire. See VoF  
HOL Handover Link - A point in the network where the fibre connection hands over information from the Local Fibre Company's (e.g. Chorus, Northpower etc) equipment to the network equipment of your Retail Service Provider (RSP). This handover takes place outside of the customer's premises.  
LAN Local Area Network. A network of computers in close proximity such as a home, school, or office building.  

Local Fibre Company (e.g. Northpower, Chorus, Ultra Fast Fibre and Enable)

Fibre Provider (not part of the TCF): UnisonFibre

NGA Next Generation Access (Chorus term for Ultra Fast Broadband or Fibre Broadband)  

Optical Network Terminal. It's job is to convert the light signals coming through the fibre cable and decode into an electrical signal that can be used by the customer's devices/CPE. This is installed within the customer's premises.

Fibre goes from street → ETP → ONT inside customer's premises → RGW → CPE.

Attached to wall | View of bottom ports | ONT Lights

PON Passive Optical Network - is a telecommunications network that uses point-to-multipoint fibre to the end-points in which unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fibre to serve multiple end-points.  
RGW Residential Gateway is the technical name for the customer's modem. The RGW is customer premises equipment. It allows the connection of a Local Area Network (LAN) to a Wide Area Network (WAN) otherwise known as the internet.  
UFB Ultra Fast Broadband - another name for Fibre Broadband  
UFF Ultra Fast Fibre (a Local Fibre Company in Waikato)  
VoF/VOF Voice over Fibre - When your landline phone makes and receives calls via the fibre cabling connected to your premises instead of copper wire. This is different than VOIP because the call does not actually travel through the internet. The fibre cables connected to your house are just one point on the journey. The call will still travel through the normal phone network just like a phone call made via copper wire.  
VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol - The delivery of voice communication via the internet. A good example of this is video chat applications like Skype and Oovoo  
WAN Wide Area Network. A telecommunications network or computer network that extends over a large geographical distance. Wide area networks often are established with leased telecommunication circuits. A leased telecommunication circuit is a private telecommunications line between two or more locations provided in exchange for a monthly rent. For example, Chorus owns and rents out telecommunications lines to Retail Service Providers like Spark.  
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