For comprehensive information about Xtra email, please visit: Yahoo Xtra Mail - Help & Support. The following information is sourced from Yahoo's help page and is therefore subject to change.

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Adding Sub Accounts

Yahoo!Xtra allows you, as a primary member, to add up to ten sub accounts (also known as member accounts) to your primary account. Each sub account is a fully functional, stand-alone Yahoo! Xtra ID, with its own Yahoo! XtraMail mailbox.

There are several reasons for creating sub accounts:

  • To provide separate email accounts for all members of your household.
  • To allow each member of your household to have his or her own My Yahoo!
  • To protect your "real" Yahoo! Mail address by using an alternate mail account for some email transactions. (AddressGuard is probably a better solution for this use. See the Using Disposable Addresses tutorial for information about AddressGuard.)

Here’s How

  1. Make sure that you are signed in to Yahoo! as the primary account holder. Only the primary member can create sub accounts.
  2. Click  then select Account Info from the menu.
  3. Click Manage Sub Accounts
  4. Enter your password and click the Sign In button
  5. In the Sub Accounts section of the My Account & Billing page, click the Create New Sub Account button, then follow the online instructions.
  6. Follow the online instructions to create a sub account

Alternatively you can login to the Member Center as the primary account holder to create a new sub account.

Accessing a Sub Account’s Mail

Each sub account that you create has its own mailbox (including permanent folders), Yahoo! Contacts, and spam protection settings. The only way to access a sub account’s mail is to sign in using the account’s Yahoo! ID and password.

Tip: It is not possible to access mail in a Yahoo!Xtra sub account by popping the mail into another Yahoo!Xtra account.

Here’s How

  1. Go to the Yahoo! Mail page
  2. If you are signed in to an account other than the one whose mail you want to check, sign out by clicking the Sign Out link near the top of the page
  3. To sign in to the sub account, type the account’s user name and password, then click the Sign In buttonThe email page for the sub account now appears in the browser.

Deleting Sub Accounts

If you no longer want to include a Yahoo!Xtra ID as a sub account in your household, you can delete the sub account.

WARNING: Deleting a sub account also deletes everything associated with the username. You cannot reactivate the username or reuse it in the future. If you want to retain your data, or use your email again at a future date, consider Suspending your sub account instead.

Here’s How

  1. Access the Sub Accounts page
  2. In the Sub Accounts section of the My Account & Billing page, click the Delete link below the sub account that you want to remove

    The sub account deletion page appears.
    Tip: You may also see additional screens asking you to verify your Yahoo! ID and password.

  3. Carefully read the information about what it means to delete a sub account.
  4. If you still want to proceed after you’ve read and understood this information, select the check box in front of the statement near the bottom of the screen, then click the Yes, Delete Sub Account button to confirm that you want to delete the selected sub account
    Enlarge A page appears confirming that the sub account has been deleted

Alternatively you can login to the Member Center as the primary account holder to delete a sub account.

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