Interest Free payment (Deferred Payment) by instalment on your Spark account makes getting your new Spark mobile easier. When you buy a new mobile device with a purchase price of $199 (incl. GST) or over after any applicable subsidy has been applied, you can choose to pay for it on your Spark account and spread the cost over 12 or 24 months, with no interest charged. You just need to keep a Postpaid Mobile account with us.

Interest Free Phones are available when purchasing online at the Sparkmobilestore or from a Spark Retail Store - Find a store near you. Spark Digital customers can choose Interest Free payments when ordering devices at My Spark Digital.

We've recently changed the name of this service from Deferred Payment to Interest Free. If you currently paying a mobile off by the deferred payment option, you'll notice on your next bill that we now refer to this as Mobile - Interest Free. Other than calling this service a different name, nothing else has changed and your instalments will continue as expected.

Working out the payments
Use the calculator below to work out what you can expect to be charged.

Interest Free Mobile Phones Calculator
Total amount to pay (less any subsidy): $
12 Month Term
11 monthly payments of: 
A final payment of: 
24 Month Term
23 monthly payments of: 
A final payment of: 

Rules & Eligibility


Interest Free Devices:

  • Standard Spark credit criteria applies
  • Only one interest free option can be active on a line at a time
  • Interest Free is available on new connections, upgrades and replacement devices
  • If you are a customer in a 24 month contract you can use Interest Free payments on a replacement device from month 12 of your 24 month contract. Providing another credit check is done and you do not have a bad credit rating.
  • If you have taken one Interest free payment on a replacement device within your contract you are not allowed to take up another Interest Free payment without paying the full RRP of your first Interest Free Payment.
  • Interest Free is available on all mobile devices (including mobile broadband devices)
  • The interest free mobile device must be on a Spark Pay Monthly Plan until the device is paid in full
  • Disconnection of the mobile from the Spark account will result in the remaining instalments to be due for immediate payment
  • In the event that a customer wishes to upgrade a device prior to completing the current interest free term, the remaining balance must be rolled-up and paid in full on the next account
  • The full GST amount is included in the first bill, however the instalment amount remains at 1/12th of the full cost of the device for 12 months and 1/24th for 24 months
  • Payments can only be requested against the mobile that made the purchase
  • Interest Free payments cannot be transferred between lines or from one customer to another. For example, any change of ownership requests must be settled in full by current owner
  • The minimum purchase price for 12 and 24 month must be $199 incl. GST or higher after any subsidy/promotion is applied
  • Available through all Spark Retail channels



How does the GST work?

GST is spread across each of the 12 or 24 payments. The GST section on the first bill will appear higher than expected as it includes GST for the full cost of the handset. The credit applied covers this. All subsequent payments will include GST, it will show as a GST inclusive amount, but will not calculate into the GST shown on page 1 of the bill, therefore, every bill for the period of the interest free (deferred) payments will not appear to calculate correctly on page 1.

View this example of what your bill might look like. (This will only illustrate 12 months. Bill presentation is exactly the same for 12 and 24 months in terms of first bill and the only difference is in payments 13-24)

When your bill prints it can take one or two bills for the full cost of the device, subsequent credit and the first deferred payment to show.

E.g. the charge for the device may appear in June's bill and the credit and first instalment may appear in July.

Credit not showing on my first bill
Due to when your bill prints it can take one or two bills for the full cost of the device, subsequent credit and the first interest free (deferred) payment to show.
E.g. the charge for the device may appear in June's bill and the credit and first instalment may appear in July.

What if I disconnect my mobile when there are still interest free (deferred) payments left?
Any remaining interest free (deferred) payments will be combined and added to your next account for payment then along with any applicable early termination fees or charges.

Can remaining installments be transferred to another account?

Under 7 day right of return can Interest Free (Deferred) Payments be cancelled?
Yes - Contact Us to arrange this.

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