Spark has teamed up with Spotify to make Spotify Premium music streaming (worth RRP $14.99) FREE on a selection of our Pay Monthly plans and the $29 Prepaid Value pack.

Spotify Premium is FREE on selected Pay Monthly plans and available on the $29 Prepaid Value pack.

Spotify Premium is also part of the $19 Music Pack, available for a limited time.

Spotify Premium gives you

  • Up to 20 million tracks available over Spotify Premium, the equivalent of around 1.5 million CDs (try carrying those around in your pocket…)
  • Uninterrupted music streaming (so advert FREE)
  • Unlimited music on your mobile, tablet and computer (up to 3 concurrent devices so you can play everywhere!)
  • Offline Mode - Download playlists to listen to them with no Internet or 3G connection
  • Listen to artists, albums and playlists in shuffle mode
  • Spotify Radio
  • Download the Spotify app to your Android or iPhone
  • Enhanced sound quality (up to 320kb/s)
  • Worldwide access

For your ears only

Spotify Premium is for personal use only and not for any public broadcast.

Spotify’s licence with right-holders does not allow Spotify Premium to be broadcasted in any public space where more than one person can listen to the music, like at an office or in a retail store. The customer maybe liable for a fine if they are found to be streaming music via Spotify Premium in a public space.

Explore Spotify Premium


  • If you are eligible to receive free Spotify Premium you will be contacted via SMS when the service is available for use
  • If you are already paying for Spotify Premium, but are on a Spark plan which is eligible for a free subscription to Spotify Premium, you will need to click the Get Spotify button found in the Register for Spotify section
Pay Monthly
  • Open $39.99
  • Open $59.99
  • Open $79.99
  • Term $99.99
  • Term $139.99
  • Open $55.85
  • Open $70.85
  • Open $100.85
  • Term $65.85
  • Term $90.85
  • Term $120.85
Share Plans
  • Ultra+ Share $39.99
  • Ultra+ Share $59.99
  • Ultra+ Share $79.99
  • Ultra+ Share $99.99
  • Ultra+ Share $139.99
  • $29 Prepaid Value Pack
  • $19 Music Pack (offer expired 3 Feb 2015)

Terms and Conditions

Register for Spotify Premium

Before you activate your Spotify Premium account check you have

  • You are on an Pay Monthly $59.99 plan or above, or you've purchase a $29 Value Pack or $19 Music Pack
  • We have sent you a text message, email or letter to let you know you can sign up for Spotify Premium.
    (The text may take up to 48 hours if you have just signed up to an eligible plan or value pack.)
  • If you already use Spotify, you can either sign in to Spotify with your Facebook account or with your username/password. You'll need to have those handy. However you will still need to click the Get Spotify button.

Forgotten your username/password?

Jump over to Spotify website to reset your password.

All you need to do is enter your email address and Spotify will send your username and a link to reset your password.

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