Mobile Extras are additional features you can add to your Prepaid or Pay Monthly plan. These are charged in addition to your current plan or added to your Prepaid balance.

You can have as many Data, Voice or Text Extras as you like by them whenever you like. If you're thinking about traveling overseas you can purchase an International Voice and Text Extra bundled in to one for $10 /month.

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Purchase/Manage Extras

You can purchase / manage all your Extras via MySpark, MyMobile or Spark App.

What else do I need to know?

Renewing Extras

Recurring Extras will automatically renew at the end of the specified time period. Most of our Extras renew monthly. When you've successfully purchased or renewed an Extra we'll send you a confirmation text.

If you don't have enough credit your Extra will not be renewed and you will go back to paying the casual rate.

Cancel Extras

You can stop a recurring Extra from renewing again. And as you already paid for the Extra you'll continue to receive the remaining allowance until the Extras renewal period.


You'll automatically receive usage alerts for your mobile broadband. These are set to 80% and 100% usage of your plan and any Extras. You do have the ability to opt out of these if you like.

Bonus Extras

At times you may receive special one-off offers such as free texts, data, or minutes - these are added to your account as a Bonus Extra at no cost to you.

Extras are used in the order of expiry. This applies for purchasable and bonus extras. Extras (purchasable or bonus) will always be used before any allocation on the base plan.


Spark terms and conditions apply. TXT Extras includes national person to person text messages only. This includes text you send to any New Zealand mobiles but excludes international texts or texts sent while roaming. Person to person text messages are text messages sent by a person using their mobile phone to another person's mobile phone. Picture or video messages are charged at standard rates. 20c per text charge applies once you've used up your included text allowance per month.Only available on Prepaid and Postpaid plans.

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