How do I get Netflix?

Already have Spark broadband?

As a Spark broadband customer, you can get this incredible offer by simply taking up a new 24 month Unlimited Data home broadband plan. If you're already on an Unlimited Data home broadband plan, your monthly plan charges will stay the same - you'll just get Netflix on us for a year with your new plan!

Not with Spark broadband yet?

If you're not with Spark already, joining us is easy – head to our Internet page and select an Unlimited Data 24 month broadband plan. Once your broadband is up and running you'll be able to get Netflix on us for a year.

Plan charges and an early exit fee of $199 applies to your new 24 month broadband plan. This offer is for 12 months of Netflix 'Standard' plan, usually $14.99/month. Spark and Netflix terms apply. Netflix first month free trial not available. Ends 23.02.18. BYO Netflix compatible device. Broadband not available everywhere.

Netflix originals

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How it all works

What you need

If you're new to Spark, you'll need to sign up to a 24 month unlimited broadband plan.

If you already have Spark broadband and you're already on an unlimited plan, you'll simply need to resign for 24 months for the same monthly charge. If you're not on an unlimited plan there will be a change in your monthly charge. (Early exit fees apply).

How to get set up

If you're new to Spark broadband, we'll email you once you're connected to let you know you're ready to activate Netflix.

If you already have Spark broadband, just change your plan online and Netflix will be ready to activate the next day via My Spark or the Spark App.

Your Netflix account

If you already have a Netflix account, don't stress – you can keep it. We'll add the 12 months credit ($179.88) for a standard Netflix plan to your existing account when you activate the Spark offer. If you want a higher value Netflix plan, simply take the credit and pay the difference.

What do I get on a Netflix standard plan?

A Netflix Standard Plan allows you to stream on two devices at a time, and on High Definition when available. You can check which plan you are on anytime from the Netflix Your Account page.

What are the minimum broadband speed requirements for watching Netflix?

Netflix requires a minimum internet bandwidth of 2Mbps in order to access quality viewing of the content.

Slow or low quality video

Netflix will tailor the quality of a stream, if needed, to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience. A minimum of about 1-2Mbps is needed to get a consistent stream. For an optimal HD / Large screen experience, around 5-9Mbps is required.

Steps can be taken to improve broadband speeds by updating your home wiring and installing splitters and this is done as a matter of course with the installation of VDSL and Ultra Fibre. Also remember that if other users are on the internet consuming bandwidth in the home at the same time, the bandwidth available for Netflix could be reduced.
To support the online streaming of shows in high definition customers on:

  • ADSL will need to have broadband speeds of at least 7Mbps* upload (we suggest you check your broadband speed to be sure).
  • Ultra VDSL’s higher speeds (usually between 30 and 50Mbps*) mean that smooth streaming is more consistent, even when others are using your broadband connection.
  • Ultra Fibre usually has speeds of more than 30Mbps* upload which is up to 7x faster than ADSL even when using multiple devices in the home, thereby ensuring the best streaming experience.

* Indicative speeds. Individual customers may not experience these speeds due to a variety of factors such as distance to exchange or cabinet, house wiring, computer speed, number of connected devices, ages of connected devices, etc.

What devices can I watch Netflix on?

Netflix is an online video on demand service. You can stream Netflix from any Internet-connected device that offers a Netflix app, such as gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, set-top boxes, home theatre systems and mobile phones and tablets. For a more detailed list, see the list of Netflix-ready Devices. Netflix terms apply.

Can I watch live TV on Netflix?

Netflix is an online video on demand service, which does not support live television. More detail on Netflix help and support can be found here.

What happens if I move house?

If you need to move house during the 24 month contract period, don't worry. As long as you remain a Spark residential unlimited broadband customer we won't charge you an early exit fee.

What happens if I pay for my Netflix through iTunes or Apple TV?

You can still get the Spark credit - it’s just slightly more complicated as you have a few more steps to complete first.

Once you've moved to an eligible Spark plan, you need to cancel your Netflix account. Make sure you take note of your next billing date when you are completing this cancellation.

Don’t worry - even though you have cancelled your Netflix account, you can keep watching until your next billing date and your Netflix viewing profile won’t be deleted.

On your next billing date - this will display when you cancel your Netflix with iTunes - you need to log in to MySpark and click the Activate Netflix button.

You’ll be redirected to the Netflix site where you can redeem your 12 months Spark credit.

  1. 12 months subscription to the Netflix "Standard" plan, usually $14.99 RRP per month.
  2. Netflix terms apply, see: Netflix 'first month free' trial not available with this offer. Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift subscriptions.
  3. Only available on 24 month residential Spark Broadband Unlimited Data plans. Early exit fee of $199 applies. Not available on Spark Business plans. For eligible plans and charges see:
  4. Spark Broadband Customer Terms and Conditions apply. See
  5. One Netflix subscription per Spark Account.
  6. Netflix offer ends February 23rd 2018.
  7. BYO Netflix compatible device.
  8. Netflix uses data and data usage incurred from watching Netflix content online will count towards your monthly broadband, or mobile, data allowance.
  9. Netflix plans are subject to change without notice, and the Netflix service provided under this offer may vary over time.
  10. This offer is applied as a total value of $179.88, for 12 months of a Netflix "Standard" subscription. Value of offer may be applied to a different Netflix streaming plan, but such exchanges may change the length of time you get Netflix on us. For example, you can choose to apply the value of this offer towards Netflix Premium, but it will only provide for a maximum of 10 months on us given the price of Netflix Premium.
  11. If you wish to continue subscribing to Netflix after your credit has been used up, the usual Netflix subscription charges will apply.
  12. Spark reserves the right to change aspects of this promotion in accordance with its standard terms.
  13. Customer queries relating to the Netflix experience should be directed to Netflix.
  14. Queries relating to your broadband performance should be directed to Spark.

Download the app

Download the new Spark app to activate your one year of Netflix on Spark.

Our free smartphone app puts everything you need to know about your Spark mobile plan in one easy-to reach place. You can check your usage, change your data limit, top up, pay a bill and heaps more – straight from your phone. Plus, if you also have your broadband with Spark, you can use the app to take care of that as well.

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Top features

Watch on your TV

You'll need a compatible device like a Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Blu-ray player. Netflix terms apply.

Watch instantly or download for later

Available on phone and tablet, wherever you go. Netflix terms apply.

Use any computer

Watch on whenever you're online. Netflix terms apply.

What else is on Netflix?

Your favourite TV shows and movies

Select from awesome TV shows and some of the best blockbuster movies. All at the finger-scroll and click of a button!

Netflix originals

Netflix original movies and shows being added every month. Download and binge to your hearts content!

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With loads of content for the kids, it's endless entertainment for the whole family.