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My Favourites

Choose up to three Spark mobile or New Zealand landline numbers and call them as often as you want to (up to 2 hours per call), day or night, for just $6 each a month.

My Favourites is available on most Smartphone Network Pay Monthly and Prepaid plans. And once you're signed up, you can easily add, change or remove your My Favourite numbers online, by text, or by calling us.

We've extended this popular product to landlines so you can get My Favourites for your home phone.

Our fair use policy applies - see the My Favourites terms and conditions.

How do I get My Favourites?

Simply sign up online or text ADD, then the number you want to call, to FAVE (3283).
If you're on Prepaid, you can also call *333.

Changing your numbers

Use our online form to manage your My Favourites selections: you can add, change and remove numbers. You can also use text messaging or, if you're on Prepaid, you can call *333.

The price of My Favourites is...

It’s free to sign up to My Favourites online, by text or by calling from your Spark mobile. Once you're signed up, you can call up to three Spark mobile or New Zealand landline numbers any time you want, for just $6 each a month.

What else you should know...

My Favourites doesn't include calling cards, 059 or 0900 calls, international roaming or return calls from your chosen numbers to your mobile. Texts, picture messages, video calls and MMS are also excluded.

Read the My Favourites terms and conditions

Free mobile team calling is included with our latest $39+ Smartphone and Smart Open plans for business customers. So you might not need to add Mobile My Favourite to the mobiles under any of your accounts.

Whether residential or business, if your mobile plan includes unlimited calling minutes you do not need My Favourites on that mobile number. If you are unsure, give us a call on 126 (Business) or 123 (Residential) and we will help you make the best use of Mobile My Favourites.

Need some help?

For more info about My Favourites on your mobile, check out our My Favourites
FAQs. Or call us on *123 / 0800 800 123, Monday-Sunday, 8am-8pm.

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