Help and support for when you're overseas

Contact numbers

Phone from anywhere else in New Zealand

0800 Good2Go
(0800 466 324)

Phone from Australia, UK, China, Thailand, Canada, or Hong Kong

+800 4663 2460
(Free call)

Phone from anywhere else in the world

+64 3 371 0866
(Free call from a Spark mobile phone)


Lost your phone while overseas?

If you lose your device - or it's stolen - while you're overseas, contact the International Roaming Helpdesk on +64 3 371 0866 straight away to block your SIM.

If you dont do this immediately, you will be responsible for all calls made or data used on the device until it's blocked. Also, if you have stored any passwords or other important information on your device you should immediately take action to change these.

Setting up your device

Get the most from your device while travelling and make sure you're all set up before you go.

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Roaming prices

Four, easy-to-understand zones and data prices that start from $10 a day. Check the rates in the country you are travelling to.

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