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Now NZ's Largest 4G Network

We launched 4G in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch back in November 2013 and quickly pushed it out across the country. At first we solely used the 1800 MHz spectrum. But, as of last year we extended to include the 700 MHz spectrum for our 4G services. Why does this matter? Well, the 700 MHz spectrum gives greater mobile coverage and capacity from fewer cell sites. So, we can really step up our 4G rollout, particularly in less-populated and rural areas.

The Spark 4G network also powers Skinny Mobile and Skinny Direct.

4G, 3G–what the G?

  • 4G – super quick. Currently live in more than 200 locations across New Zealand.
  • 4G on 700Mhz – Equally super quick. 4G over 700Mhz is suited to rural areas, thanks to its ability and reach.
  • 3G – World class 3G speeds. And 97% of New Zealanders can get it.

The map indicates where we estimate our network coverage is available. Your experience may vary from the coverage shown depending on mobile capability, how it is used, and the local environment.