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Wish you could do more socialising, but don’t have the data for it?

Socialiser was made for you. Just $9 and you get a whole gig of data to use on your Facebook and Twitter mobile apps. That’s enough for 125 Facebook status updates and 3,500 Tweets.

Here’s the deal:

For just $9, you get a hefty 1GB of data to use on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve tweaked our mobile network to know when you’re using the official apps, so the data doesn’t come off your pack or plan.

Find out how to get it below.




What is Socialiser?

Spark has partnered with Facebook and Twitter to launch Socialiser. Spark customers can opt into Socialiser for $9 a month by purchasing it as an Extra. Just text BUY 9SOCIAL to 258 or go online to My Mobile or the Spark app.

How to buy Socialiser:

You can buy and manage your Socialiser Extra online, via MySpark and MyMobile on your mobile, by calling *333 from your mobile, or by texting BUY 9SOCIAL to 258.

What happened to my Socialiser?

To be eligible for Free Socialiser you needed to have signed up online before the 3rd of Feb 2015. If you did then “Free Socialiser” was provided to you “For the life of their plan" whilst your eligible pack or plan is made available and you continue to renew it. If you signed up for Socialiser but you did not have an active eligible Value pack or plan on 3rd February 2015 then Free socialiser was removed from your pack or plan.

What’s an EXTRA?

Extras are, as the name suggests, add-ons you can buy to add extra value to your Mobile plan or Prepaid phone - there are Talk, Text and Data Extras, as well as bundles that combine them. Extras are monthly, so you will be able to make sure you have what you need when you need it. Simple. If you use up the included amount in an Extra, you'll simply go back to the standard casual rates. You can cancel Extras at any time.

$9 Socialiser Extra Terms and Conditions:

  • $9 Socialiser Extra is valid for one month, and will recur automatically each month on a Pay Monthly plan, and on Prepaid plans provided you have sufficient credit available

  • You can purchase multiple $9 Socialiser Extras per line

  • Order of use: the $9 Socialiser Extra that expires first will get used first. If you do not have another Extra, Prepaid and Pay Monthly casual data rates will apply

  • $9 Socialiser is for New Zealand domestic data traffic only, if you roam internationally you will incur normal data roaming charges

  • $9 Socialiser is only available when using the official application for Facebook and Twitter from a compatible phone. Excludes Facebook SMS, other alert services, and accessing video and content hosted on other sites. Access via any other means including 3rd party applications will use existing data in your plan or incur plan additional data charges applicable on your prepaid and pay monthly plan. Additional data charges will also apply for any external links accessed via these sites.

  • Most smartphones are set to seek data automatically in the background (e.g. email or other apps). This will use the internet and, in some cases, charges will apply

  • In some cases, as per Facebook policy, cached Facebook data takes 24 hours to refresh and therefore users may see chargeable data. To manually clear the cache we recommend uninstalling the app and reinstalling it

  • Standard charges will apply including but not limited to the following:

    1. The use of voice and video call features;

    2. External links in newsfeed, timelines, walls, etc

    3. External URLs in comments, messages, etc

    4. Links to applications

    5. Links to external advertisements

    6. Enabling or navigating to features that rely on location services.

    7. Facebook features that navigate you out of the site and/or application such as “Get Directions”, “Buy Tickets”, etc. and/or importing contacts from an external email domain, clicking on a user’s clicking on a user's email address and so on

    8. Background camera app usage on Facebook

    9. Pages Manager Apps on Facebook

    10. Using the Opera browser on Facebook or Twitter on your mobile device

  • Standard data charges apply after the $9 Socialiser 1GB has been used up. If you have data included in your plan, this will be consumed first then causal data rates after that

  • $9 Socialiser only works with official Android (2.1+ or later) and iOS (4 or later) operating systems

  • We may decide to stop providing any or any part of our Pay Monthly plans and Prepaid packs to you. If we do this, Socialiser may no longer be available to you. We will try to tell you at least one month before we stop providing the service. We may do this by sending you an SMS, emailing or writing to you, calling you or by putting a notice in major daily newspapers.


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