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Spark and Spotify have partnered with Rhythm & Vines and Rhythm & Alps as the official mobile and music partners for New Zealand's biggest New Year's festivals. Experience music like never before.

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  • What is music streaming?

    Put simply, it's a way of listening to music over the internet. A bit like a radio, only you get to choose the tracks. In fact, you'll get a huge online library, with millions of songs on hand.

  • What is Spotify Premium?

    Spotify Premium is ad free music with unlimited streaming. Download your favourite music and listen offline on all your devices. Use the mobile app for music on the move.

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Spark and Spotify are bringing My Festival Story to Rhythm & Vines and Rhythm & Alps 2014, NZ's premier New Year's Eve festivals. Connect, collect and share your unique festival experiences and playlists like never before.

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The legends, licks and epic songs that
fuelled a generation.

Turn it up. Play it louder.

One of the most popular Spotify playlists
from last year. And one to get you moving
day or night.

Turn it up. Cut a rug.

A heady mix of symphonic and choral
favourites, from the greatest composers
of the last four hundred years.

Prepare to be enlightened.

Get the top 100 hip-hop tracks that
people are listening to on Spotify.
It's updated weekly.

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Online music streaming is one of the latest ways to listen to music over the internet, but instead of owning the music, you access it. It's like having a massive online music library (with over 20 million tunes!) at your fingertips, on demand, with no download or buffering times. Whenever you’re online, you can listen to your music on your desktop, mobile or tablet devices. Spotify also allows you to sync your music in Offline Mode, so you don't need to be connected to the internet to stream.

Streaming music does use mobile data (1hr of streaming will use about 40mb), so it's best to stream when you have a WiFi connection available. If you have broadband at home, that's a great place to start. Plus, if you're on any of our Ultra Mobile monthly plans or selected Prepaid packs, you'll also get 1GB of WiFi a day for free, at over 1000+ WiFi zones nationwide.

And, with Spotify Premium, you can download playlists and albums, and then listen to them in what's called ‘Offline mode' when you don't have access to WiFi. Listening in Offline mode doesn't use any data. You just need to sync music to your mobile first and this will need an internet connection. Again, using your WiFi at home is a great way to sync your music.

To ensure you’re not using data while listening to Spotify tracks it’s important that you put the App into 'offline mode' rather than simply playing offline playlists.

Simply go to from your mobile device's browser.

No worries. You can keep your username and primo playlists – just get your included upgrade on us at if you have an eligible plan. You will need to then cancel your monthly payments and then we will take over.

Yes. Spotify Premium can be accessed on tablets, PCs, Macs and many smart TVs. Simply download the app and log in with your Spotify details. Only one device at a time can stream content. When you log in, you'll be prompted to make that the main device.

Spark cannot guarantee that Spotify will be compatible with all smartphones and you are advised to check your smartphone's compatibility with Spotify before you purchase it. Your phone will need to connect to 4G, 3G or WiFi network to stream Spotify. Check your phone's full specifications if you are unsure about your internet connection.

If you have a feature phone and have an eligible plan, you can still use it on another device via the website:

The premium Spotify service has significant advantages over the free service. On Spotify Premium subscribers can experience uninterrupted listening (by that we mean no ads), they can download playlists or albums and listen offline so not consuming data from their data plan, and they experience the highest quality of sound offered by Spotify.

What else you should know

  1. The Spotify service Spark customers on eligible Spark mobile plans have access to is Spotify Premium.
  2. Spotify Premium is available on Ultra Mobile Pay Monthly plans $59 and higher, all Ultra+ Share Plans and the $29 Prepaid Value Pack.
  3. Spark Digital customers may register for Spotify Premium if they are on an eligible Spark Pay Monthly plan.
  4. In order to use and access the Spotify Premium service, you will need to register with Spotify directly and accept Spotify Terms and Conditions of the Spotify service.  The Spotify Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Spotify service.
  5. You are response for any mobile data usage charges associated with the Spotify service and we strongly recommended that you monitor your mobile data usage.
  6. Spotify Premium is accessible via any internet connection, including WiFi and mobile broadband connections.
  7. If you are eligible to receive Spotify Premium you will be contacted via SMS when the service is available for use.
  8. If you are changing your Spark mobile plan or Value Pack you may no longer be eligible to have Spotify Premium included in your plan or pack.
  9. If you have an existing paid direct Spotify account, you must first cancel your account directly with Spotify before you can access the included Spotify Premium service. If you do not do this you will continued to be charged by Spotify for your Spotify Premium account and we will not be liable to you in any way. On registering with Spotify you will need to comply with the relevant Spotify Terms and Conditions, including age restrictions.
  10. Spark cannot guarantee that Spotify will be compatible with all smartphones and you are advised to check your smartphone’s compatibility with Spotify before you purchase it.
  11. Spark is not responsible for the Spotify service in any way whatsoever and to the extent permitted by law we exclude all liability to you in connection with your registration and use of the Spotify service.
  12. Spark Standard Terms, conditions and charges apply.