Emirates Team New Zealand’s 'driverless car' is something money can’t buy: time.

Sailing is increasingly about technology. Emirates Team New Zealand has mastered the use of technology across several campaigns. This year, ahead of the 36th Americas Cup, they've partnered with Spark to explore the possibilities of 5G, including increased bandwidth speed and low latency.

5G could enable real-time analytics and enhanced processing, allowing more time to explore design options. It could buy them more of the most precious commodity in sailing: time on the water.

To discuss technology, David Farrier met up with Head of Design at Emirates Team New Zealand, Dan Bernasconi. They spoke about how Spark's 5G network could benefit their business and give them an edge.

Here's what Dan Bernasconi had to say about 5G

"Being able to get data off of the yacht live enables us to make that much more efficient use the time we've got on the water. And streaming video, data over 5G, that's just a game-changer for us.

We're launching our race boat probably towards the end of 2020 and there will be a really short time period where we get to sail that race boat before we have to race in the America's Cup. So, in that time window we'll need to make a lot of development and that development relies massively on data.

In the last campaign, as soon as the day was finished, we’d take the hard disk out of the yacht with all the data, put it on a fast chase boat back to the dock, have a guy run from there up to the data server, upload it, start processing all the videos and all the data, and then we could start working out what we're going to do on the next day.

5G has the potential to have all that data live to all the guys back at the base. So even before the sailors are back at the dock, we've done all the analysis we've got everything ready for the debrief and we've already made a lot of decisions about what we're going to do the next day.

Time is the one thing you can't buy and it's just going to make a massive difference for us. You could be six hours ahead if you actually streamed data off the yacht."

Whether you’re racing a boat or running a company, 5G has the potential to be transformative.

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