Meet the team behind the scenes, get to know the crew and use Spark 5G to snap your own interactive AR photo with the sailors or the America’s Cup.

The Meet the Team zone lets you swipe through touch screens that showcase the Emirates Team New Zealand profiles. You'll discover their bio, stats and favourite things.

You can select four sailors and they'll jump into a photo with you, using Spark 5G and Augmented Reality. Then, save your photo by tapping your lanyard and it will get loaded to your personal mobile site.

You can also snap a photo with the America's Cup using AR technology!

In partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand

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Course Selection

Knowing every part of the Waitemata gives Emirates Team New Zealand an edge. This high-res weather model visualises today’s data. By analysing NIWA data, they can predict the course to make the most of the conditions.

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Te Aihe

Get onboard an immersive insider experience as Te Aihe takes flight during a development day. Join the crew as they test the limits, collecting data with Spark 5G, looking for more ways to make the boat go faster.

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Wind Tunnel

Step into a slice of today’s wind visualised like you’ve never seen before. Emirates Team New Zealand study masses of NIWA data from across the region to understand the differing wind states and use nature to their advantage.

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5G Portal

Connect to multiple data streams and experience the speed of 5G. Explore what's trending or pose for a photo and become part of the Emirates Team New Zealand support team.

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Boat Builder

Create your own high performance AC75 and put your design skills to the test. Immerse yourself in this exciting 5G streamed gaming environment. Brought to you by Huawei.

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AC75 Simulator

Take the helm of Emirates Team New Zealand’s high-tech secret weapon. It uses Spark 5G to collect data on the water to help them push boat design to its limit. Powered by HP.

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Spark 5G Race Zone is a free 60 minute experience. It's open to the public but you must book ahead.

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