World-leading insights on applying 5G technology.

Watch our webinar with Joshua Ness, Senior Manager at Verizon 5G Lab New York.

Heading up the Verizon 5G Lab in New York, Joshua works with local innovators to explore the boundaries of 5G technology, co-create new applications and rethink what’s possible in a 5G world.

In his three years there, Joshua has lead multiple Verizon 5G funding programs, including the "Built on 5G Challenge". Joshua shared his global expertise to launch our 5G Starter Fund Webinar series.

He covers everything from the history of wireless connectivity, a 101 on the key 5G properties, right through to what a 5G future will look like. Joshua has a deep understanding of how game changing 5G technology could make a difference to your solution.

Joshua believes that the most impactful 5G applications have yet to be invented, so he’s excited to see what Kiwi innovators will create with the Spark 5G Starter Fund. Because he's currently working with the winners of Verizon's 5G Challenge, Joshua can offer invaluable guidance for anyone applying for the 5G Starter Fund.

The 5G Starter Fund Webinar is another way we're helping all our applicants gain a thorough understanding of 5G technology, which is a key part of our judging criteria.

About the 5G Starter Fund

We've launched our Spark 5G Starter Fund to help Kiwi businesses create 5G solutions that will shape the future.

We're searching for game-changing and industry-transforming ideas that use 5G. The fund will support up to four businesses, with the 1st prize winner receiving $250,000 and three 2nd prize winners receiving $125,000 each.

All winners will also receive business and tech mentoring from industry leaders, as well as access to the 5G Co-Lab and technology and equipment to test and build on Spark's 5G network. Application period is open now until Sunday 16 August 2020. Visit to learn more details and begin your application.

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