Aging infrastructure and end of life operating systems made working remotely a challenge.


Transitioned to a cloud solution and installed Spark Wireless Broadband with a 4G failover.


Remote access enabled, server upgraded, costs saved by replacing aged hardware with a cloud solution.

How updating infrastructure kept Epplett & Co Accounting operating

Epplett & Co Accounting is a small business of thirteen in Hawkes Bay that aims to be a leading business advisory service.

Like many small businesses they were using aging infrastructure and operating systems. This meant that working remotely was a challenge and that there were costs involved in updating and replacing hardware.

How Spark added value

Spark IT understood Epplett & Co's business challenges and suggested a cloud-based solution. They migrated Epplett & Co to Microsoft Cloud, predominantly Exchange Online and Azure, which meant that all of the team were able to connect and work from wherever they might be. This flexibility proved invaluable when the lockdown hit: Epplett & Co could operate business as normal because their team could connect and work from home. The staff can now move between a home and office environment seamlessly.

Epplett & Co use Microsoft Azure to easily access their SQL database and link this to other cloud products. This makes company and client data readily accessible, delivered via their software applications. 

As part of the upgrade, they installed Spark Wireless Broadband with 4G failover which has resulted in improved coverage in the office and the peace of mind that if there were issues with the fibre connection their connection won’t be interrupted.

"So pleased we went down the cloud path last year with Spark New Zealand! We talked at length together about disaster mitigation and business interruption but I doubt either of us could have comprehended this outcome." - Sarah Walker, Director

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