Aged technology and security issues.


Migration to LG PABX and Spark SIP, full security system upgrade and NAS upgrade.


Better communication tools and a robust security system which allows the ability to extend as the facility develops or needs occur.

Single point of contact

Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Tauranga has a large physical site employing three full time and five part time staff, plus a team of seven volunteers.

Holy Trinity was running on twenty year old technology that was installed fifteen years ago. Collaboration and communication within the building, the parish and their wider community wasn’t smooth nor as robust as it needed to be. Additionally, because Holy Trinity is situated on a large site, the existing security system didn’t protect them as much as they wanted.

How Spark added value

Spark IT and the local Tauranga Business Hub spoke with Holy Trinity Church to understand the challenges and needs of the team.

During the initial audit, Spark IT found that the church’s physical security could be improved by upgrading their existing cameras and by creating the ability to add more. The church team can now monitor the site from anywhere at any time.

Holy Trinity also now has a local IT provider who is a trusted advisor and extended member of the Holy Trinity team. The IT provider helps them navigate any IT issues or upgrades more easily and with greater efficiency.

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