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Spark Cloud Marketplace frequently asked questions

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Learn how to navigate your Control Panel, and view information about the various options. Introduction to Customer Control Panel

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While creating users you can assign:

  • Users to the role of Admin
  • Services

1. Sign in to your Customer Control Panel. Sign in now

How do I add or manage my users

2. Select: Users on the left-hand-side menu

How do I add or manage my users2

3. On the Users landing page, you will find all users listed. There will only be one user showing when you first begin.

CCP Users page

4. Select the ADD NEW USERS button.ADD NEW USERS button on the User page

5. On the Add New Users page fill in the following fields: First Name; Last Name; Role and Email.New user fields to be completed Notes:Optional checkbox to use differnt email for user sign and notifications

If you want someone else to receive notifications on behalf of the User, select Use different emails to sign in and receive notifications and provide the alternative email ID.Additional fields for users assigned to Admin roles

If a new user is assigned an Admin role, then more contact information is required, such as Address and Phone Number.

6. (Optional) If you want to add more Users click the ONE MORE USER button.

add new users

7. (Optional) Under Assign Services to New Users, tick the checkboxes to assign services to the user. Checklist of services available to be assigned to a user

Note: Some services require users to be assigned licenses from within the vendor's portal, you can learn more by reading the starter guide for each product.

8. (Optional) If you would like users to be able to access their own Control Panel (called myCP), tick the Send activation email to users option to enable this feature then users can enable their own assigned services. Checkbox to send activation email to users

9. Click FINISH.FINISH button

10. A message will display on-screen confirming that the User was added.

How do I add or manage my users10

By default, users are created in the Enabled state. Disabling a user will restrict them from accessing their control panel (myCP), and also disables all services assigned to them. When you re-enable a user, they will gain access myCP again and any services that were assigned to them.

Note: You can follow the same steps to enable or disable a user. Only enabled users can be disabled and vice versa.

1. Sign in to your Customer Control Panel (CCP)

How do I disable_enable users

2. Select: Users from the left-hand-side menu.

How do I add or manage my users2

3. Select the name of the user you wish to enable or disable.

How do I disable_enable users3

4. On the user's page, select the Disable or Enable button.

5. A prompt will pop up, select the Disable or Enable button.

6. A message will display on-screen to confirm the User has been Enabled or Disabled.

  1. Sign in to Spark Cloud Marketplace
  2. Search for and select an application with a trial option
  3. From the application's page, select the Free Trial button
  1. Sign in to Spark Cloud Marketplace
  2. Select Marketplace on the left-hand-side and browse the categoriesSpark Cloud Marketplace categories

For a complete list of available products and where to find them, download the Cloud Marketplace product list

Email us with your customer number, business name and your contact details. We will verify you have appropriate authority and send your new login details. Email

  1. Go to Spark Cloud Marketplace
  2. From the login page, click FORGOT PASSWORD?
  3. Enter the email address you used to sign up for your Spark Marketplace account, then click SUBMITForgot password link on login screen

We'll send you an email with an activation link. The activation link will direct you to a page where you can reset your password.

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