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Choosing a broadband plan

We have a few monthly data plans to pick from:


If you have a small business with only two or three people online and mainly use the web to keep up to date and stay in touch, 50GB should be plenty.

120GB or 200GB

For a business whose users are all online, using email and who might sometimes stream movies and listen to music, 120GB or 200GB is a good place to start.


For a small-to-medium business that needs the internet for content-rich web browsing and streaming music and video.


This option is ideal for a medium business that's constantly on the internet for content-rich web browsing, streaming music and videos and backing up data to the cloud. This plan also comes with unlimited calling to any landline and mobile in NZ and Australia, so if your business is making a lot of calls, unlimited is the plan for you.

And don't worry if the data plan you pick isn't right or your needs change. It's free to switch plans once a month.

It's also easy to keep track of how much data you're using. You can set up broadband usage alerts on your mobile or via email. See how to monitor your usage

Naked broadband is fast internet, but without the landline.

That means it's cheaper than standard broadband, but you won't have a dedicated business phone. So if you make and receive most of your work calls on your mobile phone, consider Naked Broadband.

Otherwise, we'd recommend you check out Fibre, which comes with a separate Fibre-based phone service.

And if you currently have other services which use a landline, like medical alerts, monitored alarms, faxes and the interactive features of PABXs, these are also incompatible with Naked broadband.

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