Business Flexible Broadband

The only one plan that offers you uncapped data, dedicated support from local Business Hubs and the option of having a landline with unlimited calling to New Zealand and Australia.


Business Flexible Broadband

Get a Fibre or Wireless broadband plan that flexes automatically as you use it to meet your business needs.

  • Fibre 100/100 tiers
  • Up to 120GB$90.74/month
    Over 120GB (uncapped)$100.74/month
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Things you need to know


  1. Free standard installation offers are available for a limited time. Additional charges may apply for non-standard installation.
  2. Modem not included but can be purchased from Spark at an additional cost. If you purchase a modem from Spark, it may not be compatible with other Spark broadband services or other service provider’s services.
  3. Modem interest free payment options available, terms apply. See interest free options
  4. Outstanding interest free payments must be paid in full if you leave Spark or change to a broadband technology where interest free payments are not available.
  5. Modem postage and handling fee applies.
  6. You can bring your own modem, but this may impact your broadband experience. Spark 4G Wireless Broadband will require a Spark modem.If you choose a Fibre or Wireless plan that includes a landline, check with the provider of any existing services such as monitored alarms, fax and EFTPOS to make sure they work with this service. 
  7. Your Fibre or Wireless service requires mains power to operate. If power is unavailable, for example, during a local power outage, broadband and any services which run on it may stop working unless you have battery backup. If there's a power outage, you won't be able to make 111 emergency calls from phone lines that run on your Fibre or Wireless service.
  8. The unlimited New Zealand and Australia calling plan is for standard business purposes only; it excludes contact centres and continuous call forwarding. Unlimited calling is limited to businesses with 20 or fewer lines per site.
  9. Unlimited national calling is for standard person-to-person calls to standard landline and mobile numbers in New Zealand.
  10. The Fair Use Policy which applies to our Business Flexible Broadband ensures ongoing access to Spark's Business Wireless Broadband service for all business customers by regulating Business Wireless Broadband use where we reasonably believe such use is excessive or unreasonable. For full information please see our terms. View terms
  1. All prices shown exclude GST.
  2. All Business Flexible, Business Wireless, Business Fibre plans are on open term, no early termination fees.
  3. Wiring charges and connection fees may apply.