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If you’re planning a high profile meeting, product launch or business announcement, our specialised Event Conference service can help make sure it runs smoothly.

Our Event Conference service is designed to be used whenever you need help to plan, facilitate and deliver a conference that has high visibility, an important message, a large number of participants, or requires managed interactions between the leaders and participants.

And there are plenty of good reasons to organise it this way:

  • Save time and money travelling to relay a message across a number of geographically diverse groups
  • Deliver a consistent message to your audience
  • Increase communications to relevant parties
  • Gain insight into who the audience is and what they think about your message
  • Helps ensure the communication will be delivered successfully with limited effort on your part.
  • Boost security; only invited participants can join
  • Include participants from around the world
  • Extend the value of the conference by recording it to allow others to listen, post conference.


Our service is designed to be used whenever you need need help to plan, facilitate and deliver a conference that has high visibility, an important message, a large number of participants, or requires managed interactions between the Leaders and Participants. Requirements that may facilitate the need for an Event Call include:

  • A call with more than 15 participants
  • A call that requires controlled interactivity
  • A managed Question & Answer session
  • Special handling of the call due to high importance.

Good examples are:

  • Board meetings
  • Product launches
  • Press conferences
  • Corporate announcements
  • Guest speaker events
  • Training and seminars
  • Distance learning
  • Marketing


A reservation (scheduled at least 24 hours in advance) including:

  • Date, time
  • Number of participants
  • Account or billing line number and leader's name
  • Touch-tone or rotary phone
  • Selected add-on features


We can support conferences of 15 or more participants. Please call 0800 65 65 77 or 083030 to discuss your event.


When you book an Event call for 15 or more participants, you get the following Add On features included in the price of the call:

  • Moderated Question & Answer session
  • Facts complete
  • Customised on-hold music
  • Customised scripting
  • Call run through's

The most commonly used features are described in more detail below.

Dial in service

Event Conferences are a dial in operator assisted conference call. This means that participants dial the Event Conference access number and are greeted by an Operator who answers the call "Welcome to Spark Event Conferencing". The participant is prompted to give the conference name, ID or password, their name and additional information that may be required and previously requested by the Convener. The Operator then places the participant into the conference to await the start of the conference.

Moderated Question & Answer session

A Q&A session enables participants and leaders to interact in a controlled manner. Participants are placed in "listen only" mode for the duration of the call until the leader invites people to ask questions. At this point, an Operator enters the call and instructs participants that they can signal that they want to ask a question by pressing * (star) 1 on their telephone keypad. The participants join a queue of people wanting to ask a question, and one at a time, are introduced into the conference by the Operator. Typically the Operator would use a script such as "Your first question comes from Mary Smith". Once the participant is introduced, their line is unmuted and they are free to talk to the leader. Upon completion of the question or interaction, the participant's line is returned to "listen only" mode and the next participant with a question is introduced.

Facts complete

Facts Complete is a summary report provided to the Convenor at the conclusion of the Event conference. The report provides a summary of conference attendees including, name, phone number, and up to 3 additional pieces of information specified by the Convenor prior to the start of the call. When participants dial in to join the call, the Operators capture the Facts Complete information. At the conclusion of the call, the Facts Complete is emailed to the Convenor.


Customers can elect to have their Event Conference recorded and supplied to them as an MP3 link or Encore Replay.


You will be sent a downloadable recording file to your nominated email address/s which you can save to your desktop and keep as permanent file.


Encore is the digital recording of conferences, announcements or training sessions for future playback at anytime (playback is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year). You can choose the number of days you wish for recording to be available for playback. After the conference, authorized individuals can access the recording system and listen to the conference.

International access to Event conferencing

International participants can join an Event call by using the international direct dial number or by using the International Freephone numbers that have been specifically set up for Event conferencing. Note that these numbers are different from the Reservationless and Encore IFS numbers.


Once the conferencing helpdesk or Spark account manager and yourself have identified that an Event conference is the appropriate type of conference to meet your needs, the next step is to book the call. Advance scheduling is strongly recommended; all larger calls (100+ participants) should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

At this point, you will be directed to a dedicated event specialist who will obtain any additional required information from you and take you through the Event Conference process. The event specialist will remain your point person from start to finish.

The operational process varies depending on the Add On feature option(s) selected during the reservation, but generally, you can expect the following "high-touch" processes with a Spark Event Conference:



Event specialist An Event specialist is assigned to manage all aspects of the call's preparation, execution and post-call activities.
Set-up review An expert operator reviews all aspects of the call set-up at least 30 minutes prior to call start time. If you require a longer set-up period you will need to confirm this at the point of booking.
Walk through Operational staff "walks through" the call processes with the Leader to review call features prior to the start of the conference (usually 24-48 hours prior).
Leader pre-call conference Last minute details are discussed in a Leader Pre-call conference at least 15 minutes prior to call start time with Spark Event conference Specialists, speakers, customer admin, and (optionally) Spark Account Manager. This is a separate conference to the conference into which participants are placed. At the conference start time, the Leaders are transferred into the main conference.
Communication line Communication line is a separate communication path from the main conference so that the Convenor, or someone designated by the Convenor, may talk to an operator without being heard by main conference participants.

Communication Line is generally used to screen participants on secure conferences or to screen participant questions during a Q&A session. For example, if the Participant asking a question is not on the list of participants authorised to ask questions, the designated company point person on the Communication line may have the authority to make an exception to the list and permit the question. It is also used to communicate any technical concerns (i.e. speaker volume too soft, line quality issues).
Scripted announcements Operators are able to provide scripted announcements during the Event conference at the request of the Convenor. For example, an Operator could welcome participants to the conference and introduce the first speaker.
Customised on hold music Customers can provide a recording of specific music they require to be played before the start of the conference. If providing customised music, please also provide us with a copyright certificate advising you have rights to use the music.


Event Conferencing's per-minute price reflects the value provided by premium service. The rate is made up of two elements: the conference call charge and the Event Service Premium, both of which are payable.

Pricing (NZ Dollars)

Standard Pricing
(same for EP)
$0.49 per min per line + GST
(for NZ and AU participants only)
What this pricing includes Question and Answer Session/Lecture Session
Facts complete (recording is no longer included)

Additional Features

MP3 Recording $25 set up fee + $2.48 connection fee + $0.49 per min per line + GST
Encore Replay $25 set up fee + $2.48 connection fee + $10 per day or $40 for 7 days
Leader-view $400
Transcription $27 per page – 48 hour Turnaround time. Please contact our team to find out shorter turnaround times.
Communication line $10 set up fee + $0.49 per min per line + GST

Event Pricing for International Participants:


Standard Event/EP Pricing

Countries Included In Zone

Zone 1
$0.64 per min per line + GST USA, Ireland, UK, Canada
Zone 2 $0.80 per min per line + GST Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Zone 3 $1.10 per min per line + GST China, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand
Zone 4 $0.80 per min per line + GST Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Fiji
Zone 5 $1.10 per min per line + GST Argentina, Bahrain, Chile, Cyprus, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Macau

Note: Audio conferencing calls are not direct-dial calls and do not qualify for Spark calling specials.Additional international, payphone and Mobile phone charges may apply, where appropriate.


A Non-Attendance fee is payable where a customer makes a booking for a certain number of participants and less than 80% of the booked number join the call. Non Attendance fee is $3.00 for each participant who does not attend. If more than 80% but less than 100% of booked participants join the call, Non Attendance fees are not charged.
Please Note: Changes can be made to the participant numbers up to 24 hours prior to call time to avoid the Non Attendance fee. For example

  • A call is reserved for 100 lines
  • 70 participants are actually on call, so there are 30 unused lines.
  • Non Attendance Fee only applies if less than 80% of participants turn up. 80% of 100 is 80 lines.
  • Total number of lines that apply to the no show fee are 10 (80 lines - 70 actual participants = 10)
  • Therefore: 10 lines will be charged $3.00 per line = $30.00


Call us on

0800 BUSINESS (287 463) or dial 126.


Call us on

0800 BUSINESS (287 463)
or dial 126.


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