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Audio Conferencing - Features and Benefits

Telecom Audio Conferencing comes with some great services that offer you even more flexibility and control when you're organising and running meetings.

With a great range of tools and options – like on demand access, operator assistance, security and range of payment options – you can run conferences they way you want. No matter how many or how few people will be taking part.


  • Reservationless Conferencing is perfect if you have frequent, regular or spontaneous meetings. Instead of using an operator to set up the meeting, after establishing an initial audio conferencing account and profile, you simply dial your unique number and access PIN. It effectively means you can hold a meeting any time you like.
  • Operator-Assisted Audio Conferencing takes the hard work out of arranging your meeting - our operator sets it up, connects the participants and makes sure all participants are at the meeting when they should be.
  • Encore is our new conference recording service, which offers recording to a CD or to a server. With the digital record and playback service, you are able to record a conference, store it and make it accessible to whomever you want for post conference playback. As such, you can extend the value of your conference and ensure that the people who should access it can-real time or post from around the world. Additional Encore Terms and Conditions (91.7KB pdf) apply to this service. Around two hours after the end of the conference, the Encore recording we will available for access by calling 083036 and using the Encore Replay Number (ERN) supplied to you by the operator.
  • Guest PINS, requested by the convenor, can be used to maximise control and minimise security risk and unproductive conversations. The Guest PIN is only valid when used in conjunction with the convenor's PIN. This eliminates the risk of having the convenor's PIN adopted by a participant for their own use. Guests joining a conference are placed on music hold until the convenor joins, further securing the conference.
  • Question and Answer is a managed service in which a Spark Audio Conference operator monitors a conference and when the convenor signals that they are ready to take questions, the operator facilitates the session.
  • International Freephone is a new option enabling participants to call free into a New Zealand based conference from a number of locations around the world. It's now even easier to invite international customers to join a conference, or to ensure colleagues are able to attend company conferences while travelling overseas.


'Enunciator' is a new free service that makes Audio Conferencing more efficient and more secure than ever, whether Operator-Assisted or Reservationless.

Participants connect to the meeting faster and are introduced, by name and company, as they join. The chairperson has greater control of the meetings, with the ability to group mute and un-mute participants, do a private roll call and lock the meeting to prevent other participants joining.


When participants for your conference call in and enter their PIN, they'll be prompted for their 'Participant Name Record'. They just state their name and company, and this will be replayed when they enter the conference. It's good for security and it also helps ensure that participants are acknowledged and their role in the meeting is understood.


Check out the user guide to see the full command options available. 

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