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Standard usage charges - per participant location

New Zealand national calling $0.24 per minute

Prices exclude GST.  Charging starts when a participant enters his or her PIN even if the conference hasn't been initiated by the host

Operator-assisted Audio Conference set-up

National (for connecting each participant in New Zealand) $2.48
International (for connecting each international participant) $8.00

Prices exclude GST. Additional charges will apply if you’re calling from a mobile phone or a payphone.


The pricing indicated below includes the international call costs and audio conferencing charges. Prices exclude GST.

Zone Countries Cost per minute
1 Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Canada $0.60
2 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain Sweden, Switzerland $0.80
3 China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand $1.10
4 Fiji, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan $0.80
5 Argentina, Bahrain, Chile, Cyprus, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Macau, Mexico, South Africa $1.10

View International Freephone access numbers

To access a Spark Audio Conference from a country that does not have an international freephone number dial +64-83-083033. Please note that attendees will be charged the applicable international rate to New Zealand by their local supplier for the duration of the call and the convener will be charged the applicable audio conferencing standard rate for the time that the attendee is part of the conference.




CD-recorded conferences are billed as an additional participant on the conference at the convenor's per minute rate and are eligible for peak rather than off peak pricing.


Encore is also billed as an additional participant on the conference call, at the convenor's rate. There is an additional setup cost to have the recording loaded to a server and for any additional scripting that you request. An additional charge will also apply If you need to access to the server after the conference has finished.

CD or Encore server recording $0.50c per minute, per participant
Encore set-up $25
Encore storage per day $10
Encore storage per week (7 days)* $40
Encore replay Charged at the standard Audio Conference rates for NZ access. International Direct Dial or International Freephone rates apply for international participants

* Client will be charged the day rate unless they elect to use the weekly rate in advance of storage reservation. Prices exclude GST.


Moderated question and answer sessions are billed at a flat rate of $200 (+ GST) per conference.


Participants calling from mobile phones, payphones or direct from overseas, pay the applicable calling rates in addition to any Spark Audio Conferencing charges.

Audio Conferencing calls do not qualify for Spark calling specials, but they do qualify for approved customers' discounts.


Extra Services Terms


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