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How to run a better audio conference – tips, instructions and advice

Audio Conferencing is a useful communication tool, but you can make even more effective by following a few simple guidelines.

Tips for a successful conference

  • Provide everyone with an agenda so they can be prepared, know what time the meeting starts and know the access number and PIN
  • If you're going to discuss a document, send it to participants before the meeting
  • Avoid confusion by identifying yourself before speaking
  • Make introductions as you would at a face-to-face meeting
  • Be verbally expressive
  • Locate the microphone centrally and avoid noise such as rustling papers
  • If the audio conference is being recorded we advise you to inform all participants of this


  • If you need help during your conference, press *0 to speak to a Telecom Audio Conferencing operator. This service is free of charge, unless you require extra services
  • Don't use any of your telephone's 'hold' features as they will frequently pipe music into the conference
  • Be sure that you and conference participants have properly hung up the telephone at the end of the call to avoid being charged

Getting set up for a conference

You don't need any additional equipment to use Telecom Audio Conferencing - and help is always there, just by pressing *0 on your phone's keypad.

To set up a conference:

  • Arrange a PIN by calling 08 30 30 or 0800 65 65 77
  • Send an agenda to participants to let them know

To join an Audio Conference:

  •  Dial 08 30 32 (for Meet Me) or 08 30 33 (for Meet Me Collect)
  • Wait for the voice prompt
  • Enter your PIN then #
  • Each participant is announced as they join or leave the Audio Conference. Alternatively, the convenor can set up a tone to announce arrivals and departures

Enhanced services

  • Operator-Assisted Audio Conference
  •  Preset Audio Conference
  •  International Freephone Service
  •  Encore and CD Recording

To set up an Operator-Assisted Audio Conference

  •  Dial 0800 65 65 77, 08 30 30
  • Supply the name, area code and phone number of each participant, and the date and time of the call
  • The operator will ring you at the set time and add each participant one by one

To set up a Preset Audio Conference

  • Dial 0800 65 65 77 for the Telecom Audio Conferencing operator
  • Provide your phone number, name and company information/address
  • Supply each participant's area code and direct dial telephone number
  • To start the Preset Audio Conference
    • Dial 08 30 31
    • Wait for the voice prompt
    • Enter your PIN then #
    • All participants will be automatically and simultaneously called
    To add new participants
    • Press *1 to exit the conference
    • Dial the phone number of the person required
    • When they answer, press *1 to connect them (if their line is engaged, press *2 to disconnect them)
    • To return to the Audio Conference, press *1

To join international participants to an Audio Conference from overseas

Choose from three options:

To use International Operator Assisted:

  • At Conference time, dial 083030 to reach the Telecom Audio Conference Operator
  • Give the operator the contact details of the international party and the conference details
  •  The international party will be contacted and joined to your conference.

To use International Freephone:

  • Dial the relevant access number for the country you are in
  • Wait for the voice prompt
  •  Enter your PIN then #.

International call costs and audio conferencing charges will be billed directly to the conference convenor based on destination of the overseas participant and time of the call.

To use International Meet Me Collect to dial directly into the conference:

  • Dial the country's international access code then 64 83 083033
  • Wait for the voice prompt
  • Enter your PIN then #.

Example for Australia, dial 0011 64 83 083033

To have a conference recorded to CD or Encore digital

  • Contact the Audio Conferencing operator on 083030 or 0800 65 65 77 at least 10 minutes prior to the conference start and request the conference to be recorded.
  • Notify the operator to whether you want a recording to CD or Encore
  • Confirm salutation or conference identifying script.

Alternatively, if you are in a conference and determine that a recording of the conference is desirable, you can press *0 on your telephone keypad to access the operator to have the conference recorded.

Two hours after the end of the conference, the Encore recording will be available for access with the Encore Replay Number (ERN) supplied to you by the operator. At that point, you or whomever you authorise by providing the ERN can dial 083036 or international +64 83 083036.
CD's will be mailed immediately after the conference to the PIN owner's address and received within approximately 2-3 days.

When listening to the Encore recording there is the opportunity increase productivity and experience through the use of Encore's IVR Commands:

Phone key Function
3 Skip forward
7 Skip back
4 Decrease volume
6 Increase volume

In Conference Commands

There are a number of different commands that you can use to improve the quality and security of your conference – while it’s actually happening.

The commands available to you depend on the features you choose when you set the conference up. Specifically, the Participant Name Record and Guest PIN commands.

The following menus outline the In Conference Commands based on the features selected for use.

Basic Menu

If the convenor and the participants are using neither the Participant Name Record function nor a Guest PIN, they can do the following:

Basic Command Menu Key Sequence
Operator Assistance *0
Mute/Un-mute Self *6 (toggle)
Mute Participant Group (convenor only) 759#
Un-Mute Participant Group (convenor only) 957#
Lock (and unlock) Conference (convenor only) *7 (toggle)

Note that if you are using a single (Host) PIN, then the convenor and all participants can use the entire Menu whereas with a Guest PIN, certain functions are available only to the convenor.

Participant Name Record Enabled Menus

The following menus are only available for those who have activated Participant Name Record and are designed to add extra control for the Convenor and security for the conference. This should be used in conjunction with a Guest PIN to maximise the control and security benefits.

Convenor/Host PIN Command Menu Key Sequence
Enter Convenor IVR Menu (see details of accompanying Convenor IVR Menu) *0
Mute/Un-mute Self *6(toggle)
Mute Participant Group 759#
Un-Mute Participant Group 957#
Lock (and unlock) Conference *7(toggle)


Guest Command Menu Key Sequence
Operator Assistance *0
Mute/Un-Mute Self *6(toggle)

Convenor IVR menu

This is activated when the convenor has entered *0 in the Main Level. It provides additional functionality for the conference.

Commands Key Sequence
Operator Assistance *0
Conference Roll Call *2
Lock (and unlock Conference) *3
Convenor Disconnect *4
Participant Name Record Entrance and Exit Announcements *5
Activate the Participant Management Menu *6
Exit Chair IVR Menu and rejoin the conference *9

Participant Management Menu

Accessed by the convenor through the Convenor IVR Menu, the commands provide the ability to manage and/or converse with individual participants independent of the conference.

Commands Key Sequence
Play Previous Party's Name *1
Play Current Party's Name *2
Play Next Party's Name *3
Call the Current Party *4 (*1 to return the current party to the conference or *4 again to disconnect the party)
Disconnect Current Party *5
Convenor Only Party Count *6
Convenor Only Roll Call *7
Exit the Menu and Return to the Main Menu *8
Exit the Menu and Rejoin Conference *9

Encore Replay Menu

Accessed by calling the Encore access number (083036) and entering the Encore Replay number provided to and by the conference convenor.

Commands Key Sequence
Skip Forward 3
Skip back 7
Decrease volume 4
Increase volume 6




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