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Never miss a fax even if your machine is busy, out of paper or out of action.

If a fax can't get through to your machine, it automatically diverts to the Spark Message Exchange - it's delivered to you when your machine is free

If the Message Exchange can't forward the fax after a certain amount of time (that you define), you'll receive a text alert to let you know. And if the fax is urgent, you can dial in and retrieve it manually

You’ll get additional security with a confidential PIN to access messages and there’s no need for any expensive equipment.

How much does it cost?

Installation charge $35.00
(This charge is only to turn on FaxAdvantage, does not include standard line connection charges)


FaxAdvantage standard monthly rental $10.50


Sending Faxes
30+1 means your minimum charge is 30 seconds (rather than the usual one minute) and then you're charged by the second.
Local calls applicable rates
National calls 30+1 second
International calls 30+1 second
Faxes delivered by FaxAdvantage 9 cents per page
(The first 30 pages every month are free)


Dialling in to make changes
From a standard telephone within New Zealand Free
From a mobile phone applicable rates
From outside New Zealand applicable rates


Fax Alert texts
To a mobile phone 4 cents a text or $2.57 per month for an unlimited number of fax alerts
To a pager 17 cents

All prices exclude GST.

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