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More about ISDN and your business

Take a look at how ISDN could help your business run more effectively.

Fast and flexible 

Usage based charging

Like the public telephone network you only pay for the time you use, and a monthly access charge.

Switched service flexibility

ISDN is an evolution of the public telephone network - it is a switched service. You can call anyone who has ISDN access in New Zealand, and an increasing range of destinations overseas. You can also make standard voice calls on the public telephone network, or data calls to people who use modems.

High speed, high quality digital transmission

ISDN calls are digital from end to end, so you get higher speeds, quality and reliability of transmission and faster call set-up than on the public telephone network.

Simultaneous voice, data, image and video

A single access line can carry voice, image, data and video applications.

High quality video

Perfect for videoconferencing with both the flexibility of a witched service and the high transmission speeds required for video.


How ISDN can help your business 

LAN interconnect (WAN)

Joins Local Area Networks on a dial-up basis. This is useful where there are low traffic volumes required between the two LANs for applications such as e-mail, remote printer access, or small file transfer on an intermittent basis.

Video conferencing

Meetings that use a Video Conference eliminate much of the expense and travel involved with conventional meetings. Fully interactive audio and video makes it almost like being there.

ISDN leased line backup

If a dedicated data circuit is mission critical to your business, ISDN can be used as a cost-effective standby in the event of a communications failure in your primary link(s).

Bandwidth on demand

If your peak traffic requirements cause congestion on your primary link(s) at certain time during the day, ISDN can be used to carry the excess capacity, therefore providing extra bandwidth on demand.

Security monitoring

ISDN makes surveillance of remote sites possible, including enhancements such as remote scan and zoom. The live ISDN video link can be initiated via motion detection

High quality audio

You can achieve much higher audio quality using ISDN with special communications software - so much so that ISDN is the preferred service for broadcasting purposes.

Group 4 Facsimile

G4 faxes, the fastest and best quality faxes of today, require ISDN. They can provide very high quality reproduction and consistently faster transmission than traditional faxes.

Bandwidth on demand data networks

Large bandwidths can be dialled on demand with Primary Rate ISDN, providing a highly flexible data network. This means you can increase or decrease data transfer capacity to multiple sites as and when required - and charges are based on the duration of your calls.


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