• Available from 31 May 2022 to 4 July 2022.
  • Account credits are only eligible with the current available Spark Pay Monthly plans. 
  • Spark interest free payment terms and credit criteria terms apply.
  • All prices exclude GST.
  • Save credits are applied as a monthly credit over your interest free payment term. If before the end of your interest free term you (i) move off an eligible plan, or (ii) pay off your device in full and buy another interest free payment device with an account credit, you will lose this credit.
  • See the interest free payments terms for more details.

For all Gift With Purchase offers there's a limit of one gift per eligible mobile plan with a limit of two gifts per customer account. Save credits are applied as a monthly credit over your interest free payment (IFP) term. Max one device credit per mobile plan. You will stop getting this credit if before the end of your IFP term you (1) move off your eligible mobile plan, or (2) pay off your device in full or (3) buy another IFP mobile device with a monthly credit.

  • Available through selected Spark retail channels. Availability may vary by channel.
  • Total monthly cost is the monthly phone cost plus the monthly plan cost. In addition to this, 36-month interest free payment option may incur a $86.09 deposit in-store or at your local business hub. When buying online, no deposit is required for 36 month interest free payments so the price shown differs from in-store or at your local Spark Business Hub..
  • Monthly installments may differ to those advertised due to rounding.
  • Interest free is available with any active Pay Monthly or broadband account on devices and accessories over $173.91. This total must be after any subsidy, promotion or upfront payment is applied.
  • All installments are non-transferable.
  • Pay Monthly (including interest free and broadband) terms and conditions and credit criteria apply.

Learn more about interest free payments

Spark terms and conditions apply. Bonus data on $34.77, $52.17, $69.56 and $86.95 Business Open Term Mobile Plans only. After 12 months your data will revert to the standard plan allocation. To receive the offer, your plan must be renewed each month for 12 months. Includes upgrades and new connections. Bonus data does not rollover. All prices exclude GST.

Where 5G is stated, phone is 5G ready. You’ll need 5G coverage which is in limited areas of NZ. Spark mobile plans support a 5G connection at no extra cost for a limited time.