Points of difference

Get the Cat® S61 smartphone to make your work easier. This rugged device has an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor, laser assisted distance measurement and 4,500mAh battery. With it you can take on anything. It even comes with a 24-month screen guarantee, so if your screen breaks accidentally within the warranty period, we'll fix it.

  • Integrated thermal imaging camera powered by FLIR® 
  • Drop-proof up to 1.8 metres on to concete
  • Waterproof up to 3 metres for 60 minutes
  • Laser-assisted distance measure
  • Indoor air quality monitor
  • Large 4,500mAh battery 
  • 24-month screen guarantee

Integrated thermal imaging camera

Use the integrated thermal imaging camera powered by FLIR® to monitor and diagnose problems more quickly and save time on site. Locate a heat source up to 400 degrees C, even in complete darkness, and diagnose damp, draught, leak, a short or blockages. Tap the MyFLIR app on the device to get started.

Laser-assisted distance measure

The CAT S61 is the world's first smartphone with an integrated laser assisted distance tool. Measure point-to-point distances up to 8 metres or even calculate surface area – brilliant for on-the-job estimates.

The definition of rugged

With world-leading IP68 and Mil-Spec 810G rugged credentials, the CAT S61 is drop-proof up to 1.8 metres on concrete, water-proof up to 3 metres for 60 minutes and resilient to all types of dust. It's the partner you need to get any job done. 

Powerful 4,500mAh battery

You work long hours, so your phone needs to work alongside you. The battery life on the Cat S361 will last well over a day. It's one less thing to worry about. 

Indoor air quality monitor

Indoor air quality monitor will alert you to harmful levels of indoor air pollutants (VOCs), measure the humidity and temperature of the environment it's in. 

Designed for you

An easy-grip design frames a large 5.2 in Full HD display. It can easily be read in sunlight and used with wet fingers or gloved hands, making your work day that much easier.