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Mobile Broadband

Switch on anytime

Simply put, Mobile Broadband lets you connect to the internet and email using your laptop while you're out and about.

Business moves fast, and with Spark's Smartphone Network being super fast in more places, you will too. Respond quickly to your customers and suppliers wherever you are. Simply plug in one of our Mobile Broadband USB devices to your laptop and you can keep on moving.

Choosing the right plan for you

A new simple and straightforward range of plans whenever you need a little or a lot of data. No fixed term so you have the freedom to move plans whenever you want. And now with greater flexibility – if you need more data you can simply purchase a Data extra at any time during the month. These plans are also available on prepaid if you want more control over how much you spend.

Choose a plan

Monthly cost + GST Data amount Term Additional Data
$26.08 10GB Open Term 26c/MB
$43.47 20GB Open Term 26c/MB
$60.86 40GB Open Term 26c/MB

Prepaid: After your initial data allowance has either expired or been used up you will revert back to the casual rate as below. Any unused data will not be carried over at the end of the month. Prepaid credit expires after 12 months.

Pay Monthly: Additional data charges of 26c + GST for each additional MB apply after the included allowance is used in the billing month, until the end of the billing month. Any unused data will not be carried over at the end of the month.

Casual rates

If you do not have a Data Plan or Data extra casual rates apply: 87c + GST per day for up to 10MB then any additional data that day is 26c + GST per MB. This will only be charged on the days you use data.

How do I order a Business Package?

Call you local Business Hub: 0800 110 062 or the business help desk on 126 or find your closest Spark Business Hub

Get more data with Data Extras

If you find yourself running out of data or need more flexibility, just top up your Data plan with a Data extra.

Extras are an add-on to your plan. It's easy to set them up straight from your mobile device through Your Spark. And whether you need a handy one-off or a regular Data extra that automatically renews each month, you'll always have the right amount of everything. Find out more about Data extras.

Manage your data with Smart Caps

That's because all of our new Mobile Broadband plans come with Data Caps. You can set a cap to control how much data you use when you are using mobile data in NZ.

Your Mobile Broadband plan cap is set to unlimited by default, which means you will be charged casual rates when you go over your plans included data allowance, and any extra data you have purchased.

But don't worry, if you're on one of our new plans, as soon as you enter casual rates for data, we can send you an email to let you know and give you the opportunity to set a Data Cap. You just need to set up an email address for Alerts Notifications on Your My Spark.

Find out how to set up an email address and cap limit here.

So the good news is you have the control on how much extra you want to spend on data each month and you can change your Data Cap anytime, for free.

Data caps are available on our Pay Monthly plans which include: Ultra Mobile, current Mobile Broadband plans, Smartphone, Open Smartphone and $19 Smart One Bill plans.