Get two OPPO Find X3 Lite on us

When you buy two OPPO Find X3 Pro on interest free payments on our $45 Endless Teams Plan, add two OPPO Find X3 Lite interest free onto another $45 Endless Teams Plan, and you’ll get the two OPPO Find X3 Lite on us.

With your plan you'll also enjoy Endless data (speeds reduce after 40GB to 1.2Mbps – this will impact your experience), Unlimited NZ and Aus minutes and SMS.

You can get up to 50 OPPO Find X3 Lite on us. While stocks last. 

How to get this offer

Call us on 0800 BUSINESS, or visit your local Business Hub and follow the three steps below. 

You can also book a call and we'll call you back. Book a call with Spark

Please note, this offer isn't available online.


  • Prices exclude GST. 
  • Offer ends 3 May 2021 or while stocks last, whichever is earlier.
  • Offer only available in Business Hubs/Stores or by calling 0800 Business.
  • Find X3 Pro 5G devices must be purchased on an interest free term (12, 18, 24 or 36 months). 
  • Limited to 50 Find X3 Lites on us per account.
  • Offer available when two OPPO Find X3 Pros are purchased interest free on a $45 (excl. GST) Business Endless teams plan, and two OPPO Find X3 Lites are connected on this plan to the same account on 24 months interest free.
  • The “on us” device prices for the Find X3 Lite ($694.78 excl. GST) is applied as a monthly credit over a 24 month interest free term. If you move off the plan before 24 months you will need to pay for any remaining Find X3 Lite installments. 
  • Spark terms and credit criteria apply.

5G Ready

  • The OPPO Find X3 series is 5G ready, you’ll need 5G coverage, which is in limited areas of New Zealand.  Check Spark's 5G coverage
  • All Spark mobile plans support a 5G connection at no cost until 2021.

Endless Mobile

  • Business Teams Endless Mobile Plans are group plans. 
  • You must always have a minimum of four (4) users under the account on this plan. 
  • Allocated data at max speeds then speeds reduce to 1.2 Mbps which will impact your experience. 
  • No tethering or hotspots unless you buy a hotspot extra or if hotspot data is included in your plan. 
  • Calls and SMS to standard NZ and AUS numbers only.
  • All prices shown exclude GST.
  • Your OPPO Find X3 Lite credit will be on 24 month interest free payment terms. However, Spark will apply a credit to your account each month to the value of the monthly interest free payment instalment. This depends on your staying on a $45 Endless Teams plan for at least 24 months, meaning you won't have to pay anything for your Find X3 Lite.
  • If you cancel your $45 Endless Teams plan within 24 months, your remaining interest free payments will total and become due.

Q. I don't have a Spark mobile account. Can I access this offer?

A. Yes, visit one of our Business Hubs near you, or call us on 0800 Business to help you out.

Q. Can I get this offer if I already have my mobile with Spark?

A. Yes, this offer is available to customers who already have a mobile with Spark.

Q. What happens if I cancel my plan within 24 months?

A. Your account credit (which draws down every month to cover the cost of your Find X3 Lite) will drop off. This means you'll need to pay the remaining instalments on your Find X3 Lite. Please find more information under the "Things you should know” heading.

Q. Can I get this offer if I'm already on a $45 Endless Teams plan?

A. Yes. Offer is available for existing customers on these plans. Just add your new OPPO Find X3 Pro, and the OPPO Find X3 Lite is on us.

Q. Can I get more than one OPPO Find X3 Lite on Spark?

A. Yes. Your Business can get up to 50 OPPO Find X3 Lite on Spark. Connect 50 OPPO Find X3 Pro with the $45 Endless teams plan, connect 50 OPPO Find X3 Lite each on interest free payments on a $45 Endless Teams plan and the Find X3 Lite mobiles are on Spark.

  • Available through selected Spark retail channels. Availability may vary by channel. 
  • 24 month term option available for this promotion. For all devices and accessories $173.04 and above. This total must be after any credit, promotion or upfront payment is applied.
  • Interest free is only available with an active Pay Monthly or Broadband account.
  • Interest free payments are not transferable to another person.  
  • Pay Monthly, broadband and interest free terms and credit criteria apply.