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Mobile PA

An answering service that does more than take messages.

Spark Mobile PA is like having your own personal assistant. Your calls will be answered personally and professionally by Answer and Message Services operators, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   

Every time a caller leaves a message, you’ll receive a text message on your mobile phone. You can check your messages discreetly at your convenience, and scan your messages for the urgent ones.

What does it cost?

There are two Mobile PA options:

  • Mobile PA 10 - ideal if you answer most of your incoming calls and usually get fewer than 47 messages a month. It costs $12 (excl GST) per month.

  • Mobile PA Unlimited - perfect if you don’t answer many incoming calls and receive more than 47 messages per month. It costs $49 (excl GST) per month.

How do I get Mobile PA?

To sign up for Mobile PA, call us on 126.


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