We work with you to plan, run, control and deliver successful business audio conferences.

Spark event conferencing is ideal for high profile business critical audio conferences. Whether it's a board meeting, product launch or training seminar we'll provide a personal touch with seamless call handling. We're here to help before, during and after your conference. We provide pre-call planning through to post-call follow up and 24/7
personal support. Expert technical services are there behind the scenes.

Whether you have 15 participants or thousands, we work with you to plan, run, control and deliver a successful conference.  


Save time and money

There's no need to travel to relay a message across geographically diverse groups within New Zealand and around the world.

Consistent messaging

Reach everyone you need, wherever they are. Deliver a consistent message in one session.


Only invited participants can join your conference.

Extend value

Record your conference so others can listen later.

Conference control

Control your audience's interaction in the conference. Moderated question and answer time keeps the conference orderly.

Know your audience

Gain insight into who the audience is and what they think about your message.

Available features

These features are included in the price of your conference. Talk to us about what you need.

Operator assist

A dial in operator can assist with your conference call. Participants dial the access number and are greeted by an operator. They'll answer the call with "welcome to Spark event conferencing". They'll ask the participant to give the conference code and any information the host has asked us to gather, such as name and company. The operator places the participant into the conference ready for it to start. Operator assisted events best suit smaller groups of up to 20 participants.

Direct event service

Direct event conferences are a dial in service for registered users. We'll email an invite to the conference organiser once the call is booked. They can then email the invite to their participants. Participants use a web link in the email to register for the conference online. They'll receive an acknowledgement of registration and instructions for how to dial in. We'll ask them for their personalised code when they dial in and then place them into the conference. Direct events are ideal for larger groups of up to 5000 participants.

Moderated Q&A

Control the interaction between leaders and participants with a question and answer session. Participants are put in a listen only mode for the conference. When it's time for Q&A the moderator will invite questions. Participants will press *1. They'll join a question queue for the operator to introduce and unmute them one at a time.

Facts complete

Facts complete is a summary report provided to the host by email once the conference has finished. It gives a summary of conference attendees including their name, phone number and up to three other pieces of information the host has asked for. This info is gathered when the participants dial into the conference.


We can record your conference and email it to you as an MP3 download or Encore recording. Encore is a conference playback system that's always available. You'll be given details for how to access the recording which you can then provide to others. You can choose how many days you'd like your conference to remain available on Encore.

International access

Direct dial numbers for international participants are included in the booking confirmation email. We can also make international freephone numbers available for your overseas guests. These numbers are different from the freephone numbers provided for other conferencing services.

Our service is designed to be used whenever you need help. We work with you to plan, run, control and deliver a successful conference.

We can support conferences of all sizes from 15 to thousands of participants.

An event conference is right for you when you need:

  • A call with more than 15 participants
  • A call that requires controlled interaction
  • A managed question and answer session
  • Special handling of the call due to high importance
Examples of what an event conference are ideal for are:
  • Board meetings
  • Product launches
  • Press conferences
  • Financial results announcements
  • Corporate announcements
  • Guest speaker events
  • Training and seminars
  • Distance learning
  • Marketing

Talk to your Spark account manager or our conferencing helpdesk about what you need for your conference. They'll help you work out which conference type suits you best. The next step is to book the conference call.

We'll need some advance notice. If you'll have 100 or more people joining it's best to make your reservation at least 48 hours before you need it.

A dedicated event specialist will get some information from you and walk you through the process. Your event specialist will be your contact person from start to finish.

The features you'll have in your specific conference will depend on your needs. Generally you can expect the following from a Spark event conference:

The conference cost is made up of two elements: the conference call charge and the event service premium. Both are charged.  

Important to note:

  • All pricing excludes GST and is in New Zealand dollars
  • Audio conferencing calls are not direct-dial calls and do not qualify for Spark calling specials. Additional international, payphone and mobile phone charges may apply.

Event conference

Additional features

International participants


Non attendance fee


A non attendance fee is charged when a customer makes a booking for a certain number of participants and fewer than 80% of the booked number join the call. The non-attendance fee is $3 for each participant who does not attend. If more than 80% but less than 100% of booked participants join the call we won't charge the non attendance fee.

Changes can be made to the participant numbers up to 24 hours prior to your call's start time to avoid the non attendance fee.

For example:

  • A call is reserved for 100 lines
  • 70 participants are actually on the call, so there are 30 unused lines
  • The non-attendance fee only applies if fewer than 80% of participants turn up. 80% of 100 is 80 lines.
  • The total number of lines the non attendance fee applies to is 10 (80 lines - 70 actual participants = 10)
  • Therefore 10 lines will be charged $3 per line = $30

To book your conference, make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. If it's a larger conference with 100 or more people we
recommend giving at least 48 hours notice. 

You'll need to provide:

  • The date and time of your conference
  • The number of participants
  • Your Spark account or billing line number and the leader's name
  • Phone number
  • Which features you'd like for your conference

To book your event conference call our audio conferencing helpdesk:

  • New Zealand: 0800 656 577
  • Australia: 1300 738 150
  • International: +64 8308 3030

Book your event conference

Call us on 0800 656 577
From Australia: 1300 738 150 | From international: +64 8308 3030