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Live or pre-recorded
information with
0900 phone numbers

Provide information or services over
the phone in return for payment.

You can use an 0900 number to provide live, or pre-recorded information in return for payment.

Customers can call the 0900 number at any time of the day or night to access the information and, if it's pre-recorded you won't need to roster any staff on to handle the calls.

0900 numbers are also ideal for special promotions, competitions and collecting donations.

There's no extra billing or invoicing for your business to process - we bill callers on your behalf at the rate you've set.

How it works

0900 numbers connect to a standard business line. Customers dial your 0900 number and choose the information they want, such as road conditions, weather or surf reports.


You decide the price of the call to a maximum cost of $88.88 per call, regardless of duration.
Our charges include:

  • Application fee (non-refundable): $200
  • Registration fee: $55
  • Rental: $30 a month
  • Network charges: $0.50 a minute
  • Changes, additions, to an 0900 number, or change in price: $35

All prices exclude GST.

What else you should know…

0900 calls can be made 24 hours a day from any phone in New Zealand, except payphones, lines with toll bars, Prepay mobile phones, or with Calling Cards.

There are strict rules and legalities about the types of activities, services and products you can use your 0900 number to promote.

How do I get an 0900 number?

Contact the 0900 team by emailing

They'll reply with information and questions to be answered to organise your 0900 connection.

0900 pricing and billing

Find out how much it costs to set up and run an 0900 number with Spark.

You decide the price of the call to a maximum cost of $88.88 per call, regardless of the duration.

Our charges include (applicable from 1 December 2002):

  • Application fee (non-refundable) - $200.00
  • Registration fee - $55.00
  • Rental - $30.00 a month
  • Network charges - $0.50 a minute
  • Changes, additions, to an 0900 number, or change in price - $35.00

All prices exclude GST.

How we bill for 0900 numbers

We’ll set up a separate account for the 0900 service.

Around the 15th of each month we’ll send you a statement of calls for the previous month. Outstanding money owed to us is due by the 20th of the following month. If money is owing to you, we will send you a cheque for the amount collected, less our charges, by around the 20th of the following month.

Your bill will be in the same format as an ordinary phone bill. You can choose the level of call detail you require, like call by call detail or summarised call statistics. There is no extra charge for these statistics.


0900 services

Make the most of your 0900 number with our great range of additional features and services.

Alternative call distribution

You can have up to ten different call answering plans set up which we can activate quickly at your request. For example, during a special promotion you may want to have after-hours calls diverted to an after hours telemarketing bureau.

How much?

Set up fee - $35.00 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $5.00 (excluding GST)

Percentage call distribution

Send calls where it's convenient for your business to handle them by assigning a percentage of calls to different locations.

How much?

Set up fee - $35.00 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $5.00 (excluding GST)

Geographic diversion

Use Geographic Diversion to divert calls to up to 450 different locations around New Zealand.

How much?

74 geographic regions:
Set up fee - $70.00
Monthly fee - $5.00

455 geographic regions:
Set up fee - $500.00
Monthly fee - $70.00

Time of day diversion

Divert incoming 0900 calls to any other number you specify - at any time of the day, week, month or year. You might, say, choose to divert calls to a messaging service during weekends or public holidays.

How much?

Set up fee - $35.00
Monthly fee - $5.00

Call screening

Use Call Screening to target customers by region by selecting which areas have access to your 0900 number.

How much?

Set up fee - $35.00 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $5.00 (excluding GST)

Confidential PIN

Give preferential service to valued customers by providing them with a four digit PIN to access special services. The PIN is the same for all callers.

How much?

Set up fee - $35.00 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $5.00 (excluding GST)

Distinctive tone

Know when a caller has rung through on your 0900 number and not your landline or 0800 number using Distinctive Tone. When you answer the call, a series of short beeps lets you know the caller is using the 0900 service.

How much?

Set up fee - $35.00 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $5.00 (excluding GST)

Call prompting

Offer customers a menu of recorded options, so one 0900 number can be used for several services, saving your business money and operator time.
You can use three levels of menus with up to nine options per level.

How much?

Set up fee - $70.00 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $35.00 (excluding GST)
Charges for the call are determined by the 0900 number not the choice made in call prompting, so you can't offer different call charges with each choice.

Courtesy response

When a customer dials your 0900 number, Courtesy Response intercepts the call and plays a message before the call is put through. All you have to do is provide us with a high-quality sound message (up to 15 seconds) on a standard cassette tape or wav file.
Courtesy Response can also be linked to Time of Day Diversion or Call Plan to intercept calls or use different messages at different times of the day.

How much?

Set up fee - $70.00 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $35.00 (excluding GST)

Call Advance on Busy and/or No Answer

Automatically transfer an 0900 call that isn't answered to the next available free line with one of our two Call Advance options. You specify one or two numbers you would like unanswered calls transferred to.

How much?

Call Advance on Busy and/or No Answer
Set up fee - $35 (excluding GST)
Monthly fee - $5.00 (excluding GST)

0900 Audiotext

Store recorded information for your callers to listen to and give them the opportunity to leave a message for you up to two minutes long. With an Audiotext menu, callers can choose which information they want to listen to. Callers using a touchtone phone can access this information through the 0900 network and pay for the information on their phone bill.

Information recordings that are professionally prepared can be loaded directly from the tape using 0900 Provisioning.

Audiotext features include:

  •  Large capacity up to 1500 reply messages can be stored
  • Simple process to record a message
  • Excellent recording quality
  •  Deferred message capability - record a message to be used at a later date
  • Option to set a time limit for callers

Audiotext Service Type

  • Single Level Announcement - Single Level Announcement allows Service Providers to record a message up to 15 minutes in length for callers to listen to.
  • Single Level Reply - Single Level Reply allows Service Providers to record a message up to 15 minutes in length for callers to listen to. Callers can leave a 2 minute reply at the end of the message.
  • Multi Level - Multi Level is a combination of one or more menu, announcement and reply nodes to create a multi level service.

Audiotext can store up to 1500 messages, which are held in Spark's system for 8 days or  extended to 30 days (on request). We do not provide a text file of the messages received. Audiotext charges an extra 15 cents + GST to the Service Provider for every minutes the Audiotext is used by callers.

How it works

When a caller rings your 0900 number they hear a 10-second introductory message followed by a main message. They can then be referred to up to nine menus of further choices. Each menu can have up to nine sub menus. The maximum message length is 15 minutes. 

What else you should know…

  • Callers can't leave a message that can be heard by other callers
  • Each mailbox can hold up to up to 1500 replies. Each reply is stored for eight days, but on request can be held for 30 days
  • You need to listen to all the messages and delete them one by one. We can't provide a file or recording of messages left by callers or statistics on mailbox nodes

How much?

Development charge $55.00
Mailbox rental: First mailbox $35.00 a month
Subsequent mailboxes $10.00 a month
Access charges $0.15 cents a minute
Mailbox alterations $35.00

Recording methods

All introductory, call prompt and courtesy messages can be supplied on a standard cassette tape or as a .wav file (16bit and 8,000 khz mono). The recording must be high-quality sound and no longer than the specified length.

Remember to include in your message the cost of the call and a warning to hang up to avoid charging.

Mail cassette tapes to 0900 Provisioning, Spark New Zealand Trading Limited, PO Box 1473, Christchurch with a note with the name of your company and the 0900 number the message 
relates to.

You can email .wav files to with a note in the email giving details of your company name and 0900 number.

You can record Audiotext messages over the phone or provide them on a standard cassette or as a .wav file.