Mobile Broadband Usage Meter settings

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Please note: This form is for Pay Monthly mobile customers only. If you are a Prepaid customer you can monitor your data usage here.

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E.g. 0271234567 - This can be found on the box you received your data device in.

Spark account number *

The 9 digit number found at the top right-hand corner of your bill.

About Usage Alerts

When you use the mobile broadband portion of your Pay Monthly plan or a data Extra, we'll notify you when you've used 80% and 100% of your allowance. If you are using casual data you won't receive any alerts

These usage alerts will only be sent out after you have finished the session where you reached the nominated limit. There could be a delay of 4 hours between the time you log off and the time the alert is sent to you.

Where do you want your usage alerts to be sent?

Nominate the email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers to which you would like the alerts sent. You must nominate at least one email address or mobile phone number. You can nominate up to four email addresses and up to four mobile phone numbers at any one time.

If you are currently set up to receive usage alerts at thresholds other than 80% and 100%, we'll update your thresholds to these settings when you update where you want your alerts to be sent.

Note: Text messages can only be sent to mobile numbers on the Spark Mobile Network.

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