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Reserve your place at the Spark Lab Speaker Series to hear Craig Nevill-Manning, Chief Technology Officer, Sidewalk Labs talk about bridging Urbanism and Technology. He’ll share a vision for how technologically enhanced cities will revolutionise how we live, work and play.

The Spark Lab Speaker Series continues our tradition of delivering inspiring and informative briefings on the topics that matter from local and global thought leaders. 

We’re on the edge of the next great wave of technological innovations. The very ways in which we live, and how we can use readily available data to interact with our environments, and each other will shift exponentially. 

Sidewalk Labs, part of the Alphabet Group, is at the forefront of this shift. They use vast amounts of data about how we live to shape some of those tomorrows. They develop new solutions to problems we haven’t even realised exist. 

Few people are closer to the creation of these technologies than Craig Nevill-Manning, Chief Technology Officer at Sidewalk Labs. He’ll share his perspectives and insights on the cities we’ll find ourselves living in, in the very near future.

To join us for the Spark Lab Speaker Series simply reserve your spot for the livestream.

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Held on Thursday 6 May

Your ticket to the virtual event will be emailed by 4 May with a link to the streaming platform.

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