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Reserve your place at the Spark Lab Speaker Series to hear John Edwards, New Zealand Privacy Commissioner. With a legal background focussing on human rights and privacy, he’ll talk to the emerging trends in privacy.

The Spark Lab Speaker Series continues our tradition of delivering inspiring and informative briefings on the topics that matter from local and global thought leaders. 

The data economy holds tremendous potential benefits for businesses, communities and individuals.  How do you unleash the value of data while meeting your responsibilities as a data guardian and meeting your customers’ expectations for privacy?  

John Edwards will talk about key issues he has seen emerge during his time as Privacy Commissioner. These include the increase in civil and criminal liability risks for businesses and  the opportunities provided by breach reporting.  He will also speak to one of the most popular topics in privacy today – the use of biometrics data.  

John Edward’s insights will help us all consider how we can set parameters that respect and protect the individual while also using data to benefit the wider community. 

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  • Held virtually at 8am on Friday 24 September.

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