What can I get with FAN PASS?

With FAN PASS, you can stream live sport and access SKY Sport channels 1–4, including highlights on demand. Plus, you can buy select Pay-Per-View events when they're available.

Live action sports

Watch all the big games online from SKY Sport channels 1–4, including highlights on demand.

Watch on your TV

You'll just need a compatible device, like a Samsung Smart TV, Playstation 3 or 4, Chromecast, Apple TV, or HDMI. FAN PASS may not work on older devices.

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Watch on mobile devices

FAN PASS is available on a wide range of selected mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

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What's coming up on FAN PASS?

Terms and conditions



  • 12 months of FAN PASS available with any home Unlimited broadband plan – it is not available on Spark Business plans. See our Unlimited plans and charges
  • Customers must remain on an Unlimited home broadband plan or Unplan Entertainment to continue accessing FAN PASS​
  • To access FAN PASS, new and existing Spark customers must be on an Eligible Plan and purchase the FAN PASS service
  • Your broadband service needs to be connected before you can pay for FAN PASS ​
  • Sign up for FAN PASS to access FAN PASS. Sign up at fanpass.co.nz

Pricing & Billing​

  • $25.99 saving is based on standard FAN PASS price
  • $99 early exit fee applies on the FAN PASS service if it is cancelled within six months
  • FAN PASS is a subscription service and charging starts immediately after the purchase
  • The FAN PASS service is charged on your monthly Spark bill
  • If you cancel FAN PASS, you will be able to access the service until the end of your billing month. You will not receive a refund for any unused days in the billing period.
  • FAN PASS uses streaming data. Any data usage incurred from watching FAN PASS content while streaming will count towards your monthly Spark broadband or mobile data allowance.

Promo Codes​

  • After purchasing FAN PASS, you will receive a unique FAN PASS promo code via email within 48 hours 
  • Only one promo code per Spark broadband plan
  • The promo code is for the account holder's use only and can only be redeemed once
  • The promo code must be used within three months of being issued
  • The promo code can only be redeemed online
  • The promo code will give you 12 months' access to the FAN PASS service. At the end of the 12 months, your pass will automatically stop and the billing for the service will end. To continue using FAN PASS you can buy a new pass directly from FAN PASS. You will need to sign up for FAN PASS to access FAN PASS. Sign up at fanpass.co.nz

Other Terms​


  • Queries relating to the FAN PASS experience should be directed to FAN PASS. Contact FAN PASS
  • Queries relating to your broadband or mobile data performance should be directed to Spark. Contact Spark

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