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Get McAfee Security Standard included when you're on an eligible Broadband plan. Or add-on to your Fibre or Wireless broadband plan for $4.95 (incl. GST)/month.

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Sign up to any Pay Monthly mobile plan and add McAfee Security Standard for $4.95 (incl. GST)/month.

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Why McAfee?

Trusted partners, smart solutions.

We work with award-winning cyber security experts at McAfee to bring you the latest online protections.

Month-to-month flexibility.

Enjoy flexible month to month online security for up to five devices in the home and on-the-go.

Online Protection in one app​.

Download McAfee Security and get online protection in one mobile app for the things you and your family do online. ​

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Protect your devices from malware, ransomware, and the latest viruses.

Web Protection (Safe Browsing)

Protect yourself while browsing with timely alerts before accessing risky websites and links.

Identity Protection

Keep your personal info, such as credit card numbers and email addresses safer, with 24/7 monitoring.

Secure VPN

Bank, shop, and browse on the go.

Protect yourself in 3 steps

Device compatibility (What devices can I use it on?)

Features PC Mac Android iOS
Antivirus Included Included Included  
Web Protection (Safe Browsing) Included Included Included Included
Secure VPN Included Included Included Included
Firewall Included Included    
Quick clean Included      
Vulnerability Scanner Included      
Shredders Included      
Web Boost Included      
App Boost Included      
Home Network Management Included      
Identity protection     Included Included
WiFi Security scan     Included Included
Protection Score     Included Included
System scan       Included

Award-winning online protection

Over 100 million people protected. More than 600 million devices secured.

McAfee awards

Important things to know

I’m currently using Spark's Security Suite. How do I install the new McAfee Security software?

Look out for the McAfee pop-up on your computer and click 'Install Now'. Then follow the prompts to install the new software. See example below. 

Don’t worry if you miss or close it, when you open McAfee on your computer it will prompt you again. And once the new software has been installed, you can download protection for your other devices.

Which mobile plans are eligible for McAfee Security?

All Pay Monthly mobile plans are eligible to add McAfee Security Standard for $4.95/month

Which broadband plans are eligible for McAfee Security?           

  • Essential Fibre Plus, Max Fibre Plus, Everyday Wireless Plus and Max Wireless Plus include McAfee Security Standard on us
  • McAfee Security Standard can be added to all other Fibre and Wireless broadband plans for $4.95/month

How much is McAfee Security?

McAfee Security Standard is included, on us, on selected plans. As an exclusive offer to only Spark customers, add McAfee Security Standard for $4.95/month on eligible Fibre, Wireless and Pay Monthly broadband plans.

How do I add McAfee Security?

View the steps to add McAfee Security

How do I get billed for McAfee Security?             

Payment will be included in your monthly bill once you activate your subscription.

How long am I committed to a McAfee Security subscription?

McAfee Security is a monthly subscription service. There are no long term contracts and if you don't have McAfee Security Standard included in your plan, you can cancel your subscription with Spark at any time in MySpark or the Spark app.

How do I activate McAfee Security?

To activate McAfee Security Standard, sign into the Spark app or MySpark online. Select 'Subscriptions' under the 'Products' section, then 'McAfee Security Standard' and follow the prompts. These will take you to the McAfee website to download the security app onto your devices.

  • If you're downloading the McAfee Security app for your PC or laptop, we recommend you sign into MySpark online from that device to complete the download.
  • If you're downloading the McAfee Security app for your mobile, we recommend you sign into the Spark app on your mobile device to complete the download.

Some internet browsers may block the redirect to McAfee. If you’re having issues getting to the McAfee website to complete your activation, you’ll need to enable pop-ups on your browser or use the Spark app.  

For the full instructions to activate McAfee Security Standard: View the steps to activate McAfee Security

Do I need an internet connection to use McAfee Security?

McAfee Security will work on both a Wi-Fi and mobile data connection.

What are the minimum system requirements for McAfee Security on my device?

  • Windows
    Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1 fully patched (32- and 64-bit). Windows Enterprise not supported.
  • Apple Mac
    MacOS 10.15 and above
  • Android
    Google Android 8.0 or later
    Please note, the following issues can occur on devices running Android-based custom operating systems, including devices running HarmonyOS:
    • McAfee Security or Mobile Security app installation fails
    • McAfee Security or Mobile Security app becomes unresponsive or crashes.
    Find out more
  • iOS
    Apple iOS 13 or later

See the full system requirements at:

Can I use McAfee Safe Family with Spark?

Spark doesn’t offer a subscription to McAfee Safe Family. You can subscribe to this directly with McAfee. View McAfee Safe Family

Can I use McAfee True Key with Spark?

Spark doesn’t offer a subscription to McAfee True Key. You can subscribe to this directly with McAfee. View McAfee True Key

Is McAfee Security with Spark the same as McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee Security with Spark includes some of the same features as McAfee Total Protection, but they are two different products. Spark customers get an exclusive offer of McAfee Security Standard for only $4.95/month, and four of our Broadband plans include McAfee Security Standard.

Can I get McAfee Security if I already have McAfee protection on my Samsung phone?

Samsung has partnered with McAfee to provide pre-installed anti-malware protection on some Samsung phones. McAfee Security Standard has a range of features over and above anti-malware protection and can be added to your device in addition to the pre-installed anti-malware protection. McAfee Security Standard also allows you to download the app on up to 5 devices.