Watch express and the latest on Neon

Neon curate the biggest and best watch-all-weekend paid TV series and movies from around the world, just for New Zealand homes. From guilty pleasures, action and adventure to amazing human stories. Plus, with new content added all the time, you won't be lost wondering what to watch.

Neon features

Available on a range of devices

For your TV you’ll need a compatible device like a smart TV, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Apple TV, Vodafone TV, Freeview Recorder or Smart VU X. 

Watch now or download for later

Available through the Neon app on supported tablets or devices, you can download content and watch offline while in New Zealand.

Which plans are eligible for Neon Standard?

All Pay Monthly mobile or broadband plans (excluding Data Only plans) are eligible to add Neon.

How much is Neon Standard?

It's usually $19.99/month and there is an exclusive offer for Spark customers, so you'll get it for $15.99/month.

Can I use my current Neon account?

If you have an existing Neon account, you won't need to cancel it. When you activate your Neon Standard subscription with Spark, you can use your existing Neon account details, which will transfer it to your Spark account. This means you'll stop being billed for your existing Neon account separately when you complete the activation process. You won't be refunded for any overlapping charges.

How do I add Neon Standard?

View the steps to add Neon Standard

How do I get billed for Neon Standard?

Payment will be included in your monthly bill once you activate your subscription.

How do I activate Neon Standard?

View the steps to activate Neon Standard

What internet connection do I need?

Neon recommends that you have at least 6Mb/s download speeds to take advantage of the highest quality content. If your speeds are lower than this, the quality will adjust to suit you. You can also change your video preferences to Saver in your Neon settings which would mean you may not need to use high speed broadband.

What devices can I watch Neon Standard on?

Neon is an online video-on-demand service. For a detailed list, see Neon compatible devices

How long am I committed to Neon Standard?

Neon is a monthly subscription service. There are no long term contracts and you can cancel your subscription with Spark at any time in MySpark or the Spark app.

Are movie rentals included in my Neon Standard subscription?

Movie rentals give Neon subscribers or Account holders the choice to watch a range of movies from latest blockbusters to classics, for a per movie fee. Movie rentals cannot be charged to your Spark account, you can purchase these directly from Neon. Go to Neon movie rentals

Can I pay for an annual Neon Standard subscription with Spark?

This payment term is only available through Neon directly. If you have an existing annual Neon subscription you should wait until the end of the fixed term to link this to your Spark account, as you will not be refunded for any overlapping charges.

How do I download the Neon app?

Download the app and sign in with your Neon account details.

Download the Neon app for Android
Download the Neon app for Apple

Refer to Neon help for how to get set-up on other devices. Go to Neon help