Watch express and the latest on Neon

Neon curate the biggest and best watch-all-weekend paid TV series and movies from around the world, just for New Zealand homes. From guilty pleasures, action and adventure to amazing human stories. Plus, with new content added all the time, you won't be lost wondering what to watch.

Neon features

Available on a range of devices

For your TV you’ll need a compatible device like a smart TV, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Apple TV, Vodafone TV, Freeview Recorder or Smart VU X. 

Watch now or download for later

Available through the Neon app on supported tablets or devices, you can download content and watch offline while in New Zealand.

How much is a Neon subscription in New Zealand?

Head to the Neon website to see the latest prices for a direct subscription to Neon. With Spark’s eligible broadband and Pay Monthly mobile plans, you can add Neon for $11.99/month (worth $15.99/month). Visit Neon's website

How do I activate Neon?

Follow the steps to activate and manage your Neon with Spark account on our help page. Go to Set up and manage Neon

What about existing Neon customers?

Once you’ve added Neon to your Spark account you don’t need to cancel your existing Neon account.  Use your existing Neon details when you activate and this will link to your eligible Spark plan.

How do I get billed?

Billing on Spark starts when you click Buy. If you already pay for Neon directly, Spark will switch off those payments as soon as you activate your Spark inclusion. It doesn't matter how you were paying, any charges that overlap aren't refundable.

What do I get on a Neon Standard Streaming Plan?

A Neon Standard streaming plan allows you to stream on two devices at a time, and on High Definition when available. It does not include pay per view movies which are available for purchase separately through Neon.

What are the minimum broadband speed requirements for watching Neon? 

Neon recommends a minimum of 6Mb/s download speeds to take advantage of the highest quality content, but if your speed is lower than this, the quality will adjust to suit you. 

What devices can I watch Neon on?

Neon is an online video-on-demand service. For a detailed list, see the list of Neon compatible devices

Can I watch live TV on Neon?

Neon is an online video on-demand service which does not support live television.

Find out how to set up Neon and what to do if you already have a Neon account on our help page. Set up and manage Neon