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If you have joined Spark on a 12 or 24 month Unlimited broadband plan in the last three months and haven’t yet activated your Netflix, you can do it now with MySpark.

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Early exit fee of $199 applies if you terminate your Spark broadband before the end of your broadband term. Netflix offer expires 23 February 2019. Valid for six months of Netflix service on the $14.99 (a month) Standard (HD) Streaming Plan (total value: $89.94). A Netflix compatible device (manufactured and sold separately) and broadband internet connection are required to watch instantly.

Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash, subject to applicable law, and cannot be exchanged for Netflix gift subscriptions. You may apply the value of the offer to a different Netflix streaming plan. Exchanges in this manner may alter the duration of the offer. Netflix service price plans subject to change. See Netflix Terms of Use


What do I get on a Netflix Standard (HD) Streaming Plan?

A Netflix Standard (HD) Streaming Plan allows you to stream on two devices at a time, and on High Definition when available. To check which plan you're on, go to the Your Account page on Netflix 

What are the minimum broadband speed requirements for watching Netflix?

Netflix requires a minimum internet bandwidth of 2Mbps (megabits per second) to view content in high quality. Netflix adjusts streaming quality to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience. For an optimal HD experience, Netflix recommends around 5-9Mbps.

What devices can I watch Netflix on?

Netflix is an online video on demand service. You can stream Netflix from any device connected to the internet with a Netflix app. This includes but is not limited to:

  • gaming consoles like Playstation 3 or 4
  • Apple TV, Google Chromecast and other smart TVs
  • DVD and Blu-ray players
  • set-top boxes
  • home theatre systems
  • mobile phones and tablets

For a more detailed list, see the list of Netflix-ready devices

Can I watch live TV on Netflix?

Netflix is an online video-on-demand service, which does not support live television.

What happens if I move?

If you move to a new house during the 12 or 24-month contract period, don't worry. As long as you remain a Spark unlimited home broadband customer you won't be charged an early exit fee. Find out more about moving with Spark

What happens if I pay for my Netflix through iTunes or Apple TV?

You can still get the Spark credit – but you have a few more steps to complete first:

  1. Once you've moved to an eligible Spark plan, you need to cancel your Netflix account
    Make sure you take note of your next billing date when you are completing this cancellation.
  2. Even though you have cancelled your Netflix account, you can keep watching until your next billing date. Your Netflix viewing profile won’t be deleted.
  3. On your next billing date, you need to log in to MySpark and choose Get Netflix.
  4. You’ll then be redirected to the Netflix site where you can redeem your 6 or 12 months' Netflix credit.
  1. Netflix offer expires on 23 February 2019, it must be activated on or before 23 February 2019. Valid for 6 or 12 months from the date of activation for the $14.99 a month Netflix Standard (HD) Streaming plan. A Netflix compatible device (manufactured and sold separately) and broadband internet connection are required to watch Netflix. Netflix offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash, and cannot be exchanged for Netflix gift subscriptions. Offer is subject to applicable law and Netflix Terms of Use. See the Netflix Terms of Use
  2. This Netflix offer is applied as a credit on your Netflix account, calculated with reference to the Basic plan. If you sign up to 6 months of Netflix (available on a 12-month Spark broadband contract) the total value of the Netflix offer is $89.94. If you sign up to 12 months of Netflix (available on a 24-month Spark broadband contract), the total value of the Netflix offer is $179.88.
  3. One Netflix subscription per eligible Spark broadband service. 
  4. Only available on residential Spark broadband unlimited data plans with a 12 or 24 month contract or Unplan Entertainment with a 12 month contract. Early exit fee of $199 applies if you terminate your Spark broadband before the end of your broadband term only. Not available on Spark business plans. See eligible plans and charges
  5. Spark Broadband Customer Terms and Conditions apply. Spark Unplan Entertainment terms may also apply.
  6. Streaming Netflix uses data. Data usage incurred from watching Netflix content online will count toward your monthly broadband or mobile data allowance.
  7. If you wish to continue subscribing to Netflix after your credit has been used up, the Netflix subscription charges for the Netflix plan you chose will apply. You will be billed for your Netflix subscription charges by Spark (instead of Netflix), except in the circumstances specified in clause 8.
  8. If you have an active Netflix subscription at the date you redeem this offer, you will return to being billed directly by Netflix after your credit is used up, unless you signed up to a previous Spark Netflix offer in which case we may still offer Spark billing.
  9. Spark will confirm via email, before your credit expires, whether you will be billed by Spark or by Netflix for your Netflix service after your credit ends
  10. You can cancel your Netflix subscription or the Spark billing of your Netflix service either through Spark or through your Netflix account. Go to your Netflix account page
  11. Spark reserves the right to change aspects of this promotion in accordance with its standard terms
  12. Customer queries relating to the Netflix service should be directed to Netflix. Contact Netflix
  13. Queries relating to your broadband performance or Netflix billing on your Spark account should be directed to Spark
  14. You may combine the Netflix offer with any other Spark offer you are eligible for at the date you sign up

Top features

Watch on your TV

You'll need a compatible device like a Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Blu-ray player.

Watch instantly or download for later

Available on phone and tablet, wherever you go (Netflix terms apply).

Use any computer

Watch on whenever you're online (Netflix terms apply).

What else is on Netflix?

Your favourite TV shows and movies

Select from awesome TV shows and some of the best blockbuster movies.

Award-winning Netflix originals

Netflix original movies and shows added every month – download and binge-watch to your heart's content.

Just for kids

With loads of content for the kids, it's entertainment for the whole family.

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