Catch the action with Spark Sport

Spark Sport is bringing you the action live and on demand on a wide range of devices. Don't miss the summer of New Zealand cricket and catch the action from Premier League, Formula One®, NBA, NFL, WTA, WRC and more.

Just add Spark Sport for only $24.99 per month on selected Spark mobile or broadband plans and get a $5 monthly credit. This will automatically be applied to your Spark bill.

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Spark Sport features

Available on a range of devices

There are plenty of ways to watch your favourite sports on Spark Sport. These include mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, smart TV, Google Chromecast or Apple TV. For more details on all compatible devices and browsers, see FAQs below.

Watch live and on demand

Spark Sport is available live and on demand with extensive highlights and more. Don’t miss all of the Black Caps, White Ferns and the Domestic Super Smash series played on home soil this summer. Plus, catch the action from the Premier League, Formula One®, WRC, NBA, NFL and more.

Why Spark Sport?

  • HD at no additional cost
  • Monthly subscription, no long-term contract
  • New Zealand Cricket live on Spark Sport

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What's the price of Spark Sport?
The subscription fee is $24.99 per month. A $5 monthly credit will automatically be applied to your Spark bill while you are purchasing Spark Sport with Spark. Offer subject to change.

Am I committed to a long term contract with Spark Sport?
Spark Sport is a prepaid monthly subscription service. There are no long term contracts and you can stop your subscription from being auto-renewed by suspending at any time by contacting us or doing so via your MySpark account. 

What if I’m already a Spark Sport customer?
If you have an existing Spark Sport account, you can transfer it to your Spark account by completing Spark’s purchase and activation processes. Once you activate the service by completing Spark’s activation process in MySpark your future payments direct to Spark Sport will automatically switch off, and you’ll receive a credit on your Spark bill within 60 days to correct any double charges you incur from the time you’ve added Spark Sport to your Spark account.

What broadband connection do you need?
We recommend that you have at least a minimum of 15Mb/s download speed to take advantage of our highest quality content, but if your speed is lower than this, the quality will automatically adjust accordingly. To have a look at what your speed is, run a speed test on the device you plan on using to stream Spark Sport. Go to Spark Sport speed test

How do I get the most out of my connection?
As with all streaming service, if  lots of people in your house are using the internet at the same time, this may impact your experience. We recommend connecting via ethernet where possible or ensuring that your device is in the same room that your modem is. Positioning your modem high up and away from walls or inside cupboards will give you a stronger and more stable connection. If your modem is older than 5 years, we would recommend upgrading or getting a new one. 

What devices can I watch Spark Sport on?
There are plenty of ways to watch your favourite sports on Spark Sport. From mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktops to Smart TVs and streaming devices.
You can watch Spark Sport on following browsers:

  • Google Chrome [browser version 80+]
  • Mozilla Firefox [browser version 73+]
  • Safari [browser version 13+]

To find out more about what devices are compatible. Go to Spark Sport help

Find out how to set up and manage Spark Sport on our help page. Go to set up and manage Spark Sport

Account required. Compatible devices only. Terms apply. View Spark Sport on Spark account terms