Enjoy Spotify Premium with Spark mobile and broadband plans

Why choose Spotify Premium?

Music, podcasts & audiobooks

Download your tunes, podcasts and audiobooks, and listen offline. Now enjoy 15 hours of audiobooks listening time, every month, on titles you will love.

Ad-free music

Spotify Premium means beats without breaks. Play music anywhere ad free.

Unlimited skips

Not feeling it? Spotify Premium lets you skip straight to the music you love.

Quality audio

Make your headphones sing. Play high quality audio with Spotify Premium.

Listen to the music

Celebrate the last 10 years with us by reliving some of the best music of the past decade.

Listen on Spotify

Which plans are eligible for Spotify Premium?

  • Pay Monthly plans may have Spotify Premium included, discounted or 10% off.
  • Discounted Spotify Premium is available on eligible Prepaid packs.
  • 10% off on Spotify Premium is available on eligible Broadband plans.

Check whether a specific mobile plan is eligible
Check whether a specific broadband plan is eligible

How much is Spotify Premium?

It's usually $16.99/month and there are exclusive Spark offers available for Spark Prepaid, Pay Monthly and Broadband customers.

Check the offer on mobile plans
Check the offer on broadband plans

Can I use my current Spotify Premium account?

When you activate your Spotify Premium subscription with Spark, you can use your existing Spotify account details, which will transfer it to your Spark plan.

If you already have an active Spotify Premium subscription, you'll need to cancel it before activating Spotify Premium with Spark. Go to Cancel Spotify Premium
From the end of your monthly renewal with Spotify, you can login to MySpark or the Spark app to activate Spotify Premium with Spark. Alternatively if your notification preference is SMS, we'll text you a link to activate. You'll keep your Spotify Premium status and all your playlists.

How do I add Spotify Premium?

View the steps to add Spotify Premium

How do I get billed for Spotify Premium?

Payment will be included in your monthly bill once you activate your subscription.

How do I pay for Spotify Premium on Prepaid?

You'll be charged for your first 28-days when you add Spotify Premium to your Prepaid pack, however your subscription will be in a pre-active state until you activate.

  • If you activate within 28-days, you can use Spotify Premium for 28-days from the date of activation. Ongoing payments will then be made using your saved Prepaid payment method every 28-days. If no payment method is available, your Spotify Premium subscription will be cancelled when it attempts to renew.
  • If you don't activate within 28-days, your Spotify Premium will be cancelled, and the charge will be refunded to your prepaid balance.

How do I activate Spotify Premium?

View the steps to activate Spotify Premium

Does Spotify use data?

Streaming music will use the data included in your plan. An hour of streaming at the normal quality (96kbps) uses approximately 1MB per minute. That's about 17 hours of music per GB of data. Spotify Premium also lets you download songs, playlists and podcasts using your data. Listening to songs, playlists and podcasts you have already downloaded does not use data.

To limit the amount of data you use, go to Manage Spotify Premium data usage

What devices can I use Spotify Premium on?

You can use Spotify Premium on compatible mobiles, tablets, PCs, Macs, cars, Playstation®, Xbox, speakers and smart TVs. View list of compatible devices

You can only play Spotify on one device at a time, per account.

How long am I committed to Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is a monthly subscription service. There are no long term contracts and if you don't have Spotify Premium included in your plan, you can cancel your subscription with Spark at any time in MySpark or the Spark app.

Can I get Spotify Premium Duo or Spotify Premium Family?

Spark doesn't offer subscriptions for Spotify Premium Duo or Spotify Premium Family. You can subscribe to these directly with Spotify. View Spotify Premium plans

How do I download the Spotify app?

Download the app and sign in with your Spotify account details.

Download the Spotify app for Android
Download the Spotify app for Apple