Setup and go

Fibre Pocket Guide

Setup & go

The big day has finally arrived. Now that your Spark Ultra Fibre is connected, let’s talk about getting the best performance out of it.

What happens now?

There are some things you can do and some questions you may have about your Fibre connection once it is up and running.


You can start enjoying the benefits of super-fast broadband.

If you have integrated wiring, you can plug your phone into any jackpoint. If you have Fibre only, you’ll need to plug it into the ONT.

A few people find their broadband speed isn’t quite as blazingly fast as they expected. Don’t panic. There are a few things that can affect your Ultra Fibre performance. Read on below.

What can i do?

Read on for important information about setting up your devices and optimising the performance of your home WiFi.

Set your WiFi password on your devices

Each of the devices you connect via WiFi to your Fibre broadband will need to have the password for the WiFi modem (router) in the device settings.

Check your alarms and connected devices

Once you’re connected to Fibre, your existing Copper landline will stop working. This will affect devices that ran through your Copper line, like security or medical alarms, faxes or SKY TV. If you have integrated wiring installed, your devices should work in your existing phone jack points, but some services and products may not be compatible with the Fibre network. Just get in touch with the manufacturers – they can normally do a test call once you’re installed to double check.

Find out what your current Broadband speed is

If you are on your computer or tablet, try the online test on Spark’s website. If you are on your smartphone, you can download an app to test your speed here.

You can run this test as often as you like. Use it to check for improvements in your speed.

To test for the speed delivered to your home, connect your router directly via an Ethernet cable. Then run the test connected over WiFi, to compare how performance changes on WiFi around your home.

If speed over WiFi is low, check your WiFi performance Read more...

Start by checking out our Healthy WiFi Video. Then here are some other things to consider:

  • Your neighbours may be using the same WiFi channel as you. You can change to a less congested channel via your WiFi router portal. To find out how, check your router instructions. You can search by your router name on the Spark website.
  • Older devices on your network can slow everything down. Try turning them off and see if that makes a difference.
Get further help

If you need answers to other questions, you can try our detailed Fibre Help pages. If you’d like an expert helper to do troubleshooting for you over the phone, you can subscribe to the Spark Tech Wizard service.