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Set up and manage Sky Sport Now

Find out how to set up Sky Sport Now and what to do if you already have a Sky Sport Now account.

Activate Sky Sport Now

When you sign up to an eligible broadband or mobile plan, you need to activate your Sky Sport Now offer in MySpark. This tells Spark which Sky Sport Now account to link to your Spark plan.

  1. If you don't have a MySpark account, you can follow these steps to create one. Find out how to create a MySpark account
  2. If you have a MySpark account, follow the link below to sign in. After you sign in you will see the Get More – Sport page. Go to Sport in MySpark
    Note: If you have more than one Spark account, ensure you’ve selected the correct account to activate your Sky Sport Now subscription.
  3. Select the Activate button.
  4. This will take you to the Sky Sport Now site, you can use your existing Sky Sport Now details to log in and update to Spark billing or set up a new Sky Sport Now account.

Important: If you have an existing Sky Sport Now account, you don't need to cancel it (except accounts paid via Apple). You can use your existing Sky Sport Now details when you activate, and this will link it to your Spark plan. This means you'll stop receiving an account from Sky from when you complete the activation process.

Manage Sky Sport Now billing

You will be charged for Spark Sport and Sky Sport Now on your Spark account from the date when you purchase through Spark (not from when you activate Spark Sport and/or Sky Sport Now). This is the case even if you are already buying Spark Sport and/or Sky Sport Now directly, and this means your billing periods may overlap. Your future payments direct to Spark Sport and Sky Sport Now will automatically switch off when you activate the services by completing Spark’s activation processes in MySpark unless you’re paying for Sky Sport Now via your Apple account. In this case you must cancel the service yourself before activating the service with Spark.

You will be charged each month on your renewal date until you cancel your Spark Sport and Sky Sport Now subscription or you are no longer on an eligible Spark Plan. 

Manage Sky Sport Now settings

To change any settings on your Sky Sport Now account including changing your password please go direct to Sky Sport Now

Cancel Sky Sport Now subscription

To cancel your Sky Sport Now account contact Spark via live chat. Start Live Chat

Need more help?

  • Contact Spark if you're having trouble activating your Sky Sport Now with Spark. Start Live Chat
  • Contact Sky Sport Now about difficulties using Sky Sport Now visit. Sky Sport Help
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